Buy Alibaba? good or bad

Okay, back to this, I never purchased from Alibaba ,or Aliexpress. Can some one walk me through Aliexpress. First thing is it lists country to ship from??? Which one do you choose? Thanks for any help.


I believe you choose your own country or the one closest to you.


Sometimes its best to get the closest to you as that will always be cheaper as well on shipping ,if there is a shipping cost on that item , for me i choose China as its always cheaper for me


Al, I assume you have already established your payment details? It’s Byzantine, the labrinth they take you through. I have done it twice.
When I buy from Ali, I go with the cheapest country of origin, which usually was China. Of course, that means 20 days shipping time to Michigan.
If there is a problem, the store or Ali, will credit my account or my card. Usually, I reorder whatever was damaged and take the credit on my account. The stores will kiss your ass if you file a dispute with Aliexpress.
Watch shipping costs on AliExpress now. The stores advertise free shipping, but tack it on when you add the item to the cart.
I have to run, but please ask questions as they arise…


If it was me, I would start with a small item and go from there. A bit of home schooling, so to speak.


My previous Aliexpress problem has gone away.
It works as expected now. (I am in the USA, by the way)
As a matter of fact, I just today, June 20, 2021,made a purchase, using paypal and the transaction worked just fine. The reason I mention this is that, if you google “does aliexpress take paypal”, you run into all sorts of conflicting links. And, sometimes it’s hard to tell how old they are.
–For those of you who care about electronic stuff, I just ordered 3 more Arduino Uno’s, the kind with the CH340G USB interface for a grand total of about USD$18. I had been thinking about doing that for a few days and this was just the thing I needed to get me going. So, if anything goes wrong, I can blame it on you guys for populating this thread.

Pete Stanaitis


:roll_eyes: …and now I am shopping.

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