Charcoal powerd moped

The decondensor was used on a wood gasifier as i have sayd, not charcoal. I wanted to put a decondensor on a charcoal unite becouse i culd thain inject more water, giveing me more hydrogen. Sure some water wuldnt react with charcoal but thats where the decondensor comes in. Just thinking…

Hi Kristijan,
To much water-steam will favor the nitrogen turning into ammonia in the gas
Also be aware of the acids that comes with Hydrogen. ( highly corrosive with your engine )
Using steel wool in your filters will compensate that ( iron gets oxidized and neutralizes the acid , hydrogen sulfates )
I suggest to start with the driest gas as possible and gradually working your way up to improving.

Just some finetooning and some paint and the project is compleete! Have to say it runs great! No hill presents a priblem, top speed about 40km/h. Idles nicely. Here are some pics:
Pic. 1: oil punp and air filter on the engine
Pic. 2: oil pump and mixing valve closeup
Pic. 3: air inlet and water injection valve hrotle
Pic. 4: water needle valve


looking great…