Crossdraft on wood?

I don’t think that will work very well. the air will take the easiest route, and there will be gaps under angled area with no fuel or if there is fuel, the oxygen content will be too high and just burn up the gases.


I am seconding Matt about Imbert, in your proposal the U-type seems to be better suited for idle running. But then you should remove the insulation between the reduction area and the air-intake channel!
In fact, it has very little resemblance to a horizontal gasifier…


Hey Matt .

I sure would like to compete with one in a pickup truck .

Maybe if someone shows up at Argos with an imbert we could race :grinning:


Hi Wayne, Im referring more to the smaller scale, if he were going to build a truck Id say get the book and build it no better way than that. :slight_smile:

I still dont know how your builds are built. But I have to assume your machines are still very close in core principle. Like my machines of today, even though they are my design and with a twist. But what I have is basically modified and added additional processes. But the underlying principle of the vertical down draft gasifier with fixed oxidation process is still there.

For those that want to innovate, it maybe even beneficial to learn the shortcomings of the invert. Then investigate how others like yourself and I have overcome those issues. How can you build a better mouse trap if you dont know and understand the short comings to begin with right? Seems as some want to be creative from the start and nothing wrong with that. We could not evolve with out creative thinking. I was also there, in fact his design looks very close to one of my early designs before ever building a gasser. That design by the way was never built as I know now that it would not work.

I think many coming into this, the first thoughts are why isnt this a big thing? Quick conclusion is; it must not work or have problems. So you immediately try to re invent a system right from the get go.


If we race, I dont think my S-10 could beat you on gasoline let alone wood gas. :slight_smile:


While out on road trips I usually beat my GPS time of arrival in one of the V-8 dakots .


Sounds like you guys should be doing some sort of road rally/treasure hunt at the next Argos.

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Did you finnish you s10 running on woodgas?

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I had a thyroidectomy… so thats why i like charcoal now ? :grin:

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I enjoy reading about what they “DO” more than about what i am talking about…
( it would make more sense if i could remember what and why i wanted to say something… )


No Ive never attempted, its not what I do