First project - Ben Peterson gasifier

Hi GregC.
Smile because you were able to make electrical watts without a Dino fuel.

IF you evolved using your designed to be a woodgasfier on actual raw wood you could do a bit better. The small percentage of made CH4, and the H2 fuel gasses from using raw wood makes a difference.
Still . . . on an I assume 3600 RPM synchronous unit unmodified expect only at best 50% of your 3200 watts.

Yes.Yes. For sure do generator upsize. Follow DeanL’s works here on the DOW with a Ben Peterson based woodgasifier and using a 713cc V-Twin unit. He was able to get a loaded 6500 watts on his woodgas. I figure right at 50% equivalency. Re-read BenP’s book and he only recommends down to 500cc engines.
Becomes very obvious those fellows in 50 hertz countries running at 3000 RPM get somewhat better on woodgas equivalency power. ~60% in unmodified units.
Why I have now gravitated to bigger Inverter-Generator units. They can be locked into running in Eco at 2400-2800 RPM ranges. Still giving a self-regulated, and self-clocked rock-solid voltage, and hertz, to not trip your charge controller.
Steve unruh


Hi Greg , some same sized output generators make more power than others , on the same gasifier that i used to run in the early days , some would increase power with a water drip and others would show no sign of improvement at all , but nearly all of them would give a bit more output KW with a slight timing advance and sparkplug indexing .