Flat head Onans and mod heads

Here are some pictures of the CCK.
Here is a video of it running last year.

I parked it. I have had abdominal surgery, and can no longer start it with a rope.


The 4000 watt unit looks like July of 68. I can make out the serial number on the other.

They last a good long time of cared for. Some reason Mice seem to love nesting in them more than others…

It would be involved but if you found anther Dead unit with electric start you could swap the generator ends and make the 5k unit electric start too. That brush issue is serious enough that I would not attempt to start it until you get the brushes fixed. I might even go as far as to say replace the bushes with new and send me a PM with your address. I will mail you a Com stone to clean it up…


@Wallace I went back in with a good flash light and found the springs to be gone on two of the brush retaining clips. I looked at that clip listing and discovered the next one down, sold two clips for $13, so I ordered four altogether.



I would recommend you change the brushes and buy a stone. Best think to do is read the manual and see what the minimum length the brush should be. If you have less than 25 % life left then change them. Obviously this is a seldom used machine, 25% will last years with infrequent use.
But you have some mild come damage there caused by arcing and it might be a better idea to change them and more aggressively stone the com. and seat them. It all depends how much brush you have. if they are greater than 50% I would leave them

Any fine grade of stone will do. It should be white and chalky. I find the easiest thing to do is scavenge a chunk of Bamboo or tight grain wood and cut a length long enough to reach inside and clean… Think of this as a tooth brush for your slip rings and comutator.

Then I cut the stone down with a hack saw ( this will dull a blade like crazy you are cutting basically an abrasive in a weak binder so use a scrap blade ).

Then I glue the stone to the end of the stick to make something i can reach around and clean those rings and coms with. This does two things… I t cleans of course but it also seats the brushes …

Later I will go out to the shop and get some stones and sticks and show you what you want to make .

Absolutely do not use sandpaper like this. The abrasive may be conductive.

If you have nothing to work with find a piece of canvas ( not plastic… real canvas ) Wrap it around a stick and use that. it will polish and clean but it will not seat and surface a com and slip rings.

This guy has kind of got it right and I even use that same brand myself but you can see its too large and you need to be able to move back and forth to clean not just touch and sit there.


Stone on a stick, nothing fancy. You can buy holders or even prefab ones but this is just some glue. I work on a lot of generators, its hobby. What you see here is probably going to last the rest of my life.

I believe what I used was windshield adhesive WAY over kill but the tube was open just sitting there.


Are there any other sources for those spring clips?..I am having trouble getting them.

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I would try an auto parts store like Napa. They should be pretty much the same springs used in old tractor generators.

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this guy might be able to help but right now he is recovering from back surgery.


I can’t see your generator very clear in the picture is this the correct part?


Yup, and I called them, but they no longer answer that phone number (and tell you that). They only do email. I was disgusted and didn’t try emailing. The website doesn’t seem to have a provision to order online. :roll_eyes:
I went to Marquette, and asked Northland Honda if they had any eu7000is Hondas, and they said they aren’t allowed to order them.
I went Harbor freight and they are sold out of the 9500watt inverter generator.

I am going to circle back and see what I can fix up from my own stock.


Lol, the getrv parts site doesn’t have the spring clips and doesn’t plan on ordering them.
Their big idea was to just take away the add to cart button, but leave the picture on the site.


We had a good day today… they claim they will ship those brush spring clips tomorrow. Prolly will, now that I don’t care.