Food self sufficiency tips and hacks

Yeast extract Sean i think is what , Vegemite and Marmite are they are made up of the waste from brewing industry .

yup. I found that out, and that is why I made the Vegemite crack a few weeks ago. :slight_smile: I might use Tom’s method. :slight_smile: Marmite was 8 bucks for maybe a pint jar. I think 8 bucks in corn syrup and yeast will make more, and the bacteria haven’t evolved enough to have discerning taste buds. :slight_smile:


Grow lights. You need them. This is the kind I use and they have worked well for me. Seems they are on sale for Amazon Prime days so I thought I’d mention it. The two footer are what I use for seed starting pretty much like the guy in the video. I use four footer in the greenhouse for general growing.



It seems to be melons now, when I lifted the plants.


Cabbage, kale, broad beans, peas and kohlrabi, seem to be doing well, cauliflower and broccoli, looking bad yet.


Dehydrator. Number one tool for preppers.

Ten pounds of carrots

Ten pounds of carrots and ten pound of cucumbers after they were dried and powdered in the blender.

Why? Because however they make it look in picture vegetables don’t reconstitute back to what they looked like when they went into the dryer. If you are putting away food to prepare for any long term emergency then food value is what is important. What was taken out of the stuff in these two bag was water. The vitamins and minerals are mostly intact. When you have processed all your veggies in this way then you get to be a scientist. You look though the quantities of various nutritional properties in each of these foods and you study what the body needs to keep rebuilding itself. A teaspoon of this and a teaspoon of that in some sort of soup base and you will have a totally health building, body reconstructing source of food that will sustain you indefinitely. Easiest ways to do this in in either a drink or soup. I have found that in tomato juice these different powders blend in and still tastes like tomato juice. Cucumber juice will take quite a bit and still be tasty, Soups like potato, beet, bean, lentil and split pea can be loaded with these and even enhance the flavors. Processes in this way and vacuum sealed, these powders will store for years and take very little storage room. Another plus is if the authorities come to confiscate your supplies, they will probably ignore bags of this kind. If you think that this is paranoia then you are not paying attention.

As for dehydrators, the one I use is an Excaliber. More pricey than many and doesn’t do anything the cheaper ones don’t. For me, the difference is that I have owned this for 13 years, ran if for thousands of hours and it hasn’t missed a beat.

For about half they money I’d probably go with the Magic Mill brand. These are 600 watts machines and every load, at least in our humid climate takes about 10 hours. A 9 or 10 tray unit doesn’t really cost any more to run than the five tray ones from the same makers.

I should mention that that is a $460.00 Vita Mix blender that I powder this stuff with. I’m not sure how many others would do the same job. We also have a Ninja blender that does just as well for way less money. Project farm comparison. Not sure why his Vita Mix is priced that high. Maybe inflation. We have had ours for about 5 years.


Dehydrator is on the to get list, I have a butt load of kale drying down in the oven right now to be powdered like you talked about. Today was smoking day at our house, I couldn’t even get the phone out for a picture before the boys were digging into the first fillet they could reach

Tasty! Wife took a few I boned out to make a salmon dip as well


In the last 13 years I have tried a lot of different food prep ways and tools. I have sacrificed enough hand meat with mandolins and graters to feed an clan of weasels. That got old so I invested in powered food processors. Kitchen Aid and Cusinart. Both pricey. My wife bought one of these off a home shopping network and I have been using it ever since. Easier to use and way easier to clean up. Anyway I recommend it.


With the way the world’s going I bit the bullet and bought a freeze dryer after lots of research.

Had it about 3 weeks and put about 10 batches thru it, did fruit, veggies , raw eggs and raw and cooked meat, I am very impressed with it.


Hi All,
In the August 31st electronic edition of the BackwoodsHome Magazine is an article, “7 mistakes of food storage”
Can’t just post up a link here. Copyrighted.
Ha! Ha! Publish copyrights do allow for partial quoting for the purpose of promoting subscribing.
#1) is to avoid food burnout by stocking a variety to mix enhancese with a basic Four.
“store also tomato, bouillons, cheese and onion too.” They mean dried concentrated.
Think hard about just using wheat as an excluding basic Four. Many people do not tolerate diets heavy in just wheat products. They suggest also using a variety of dried beans. We stock rices instead of wheat.

Good magazine for lots of use-it, do-it informations.
Steve Unruh


Growing supplies available here that you will not find at a box store.


Hey Tom you tease , lol i took a look at that Kitchen aid grater and within 10 seconds i was re inventing it to crush charcoal :nerd_face:


Their prices looked reasonable. But I didn’t know they made pro-mix with biofungicide. Bacillus pumilus, looks interesting and concerning at the same time.


The pro-mix MP Is 18 dollars more off Amazon Sean. I’ve never tried it but I know some homestead market gardeners that swear by it. I make my own mixes. Just about all these commercial mixes use peat moss as a base. I do as well and then do my own amendments. I don’t worry much about being organic other than not using pesticides. All my hydro Stuff grows in Master Blend.


They carry it at Family, Farm and Home. It is 40 with the mycorrhizal added. Which is more but not outrageous.

The big one was the bacteria additive that they claim prevents root rot and other fungus, and according to the nih link it also fixes nitrogen, produce root growth hormones, etc. However, it can cause sickness in humans.

It is an aerobic bacteria, so you would think there would be a native bacteria that does something similar. I guess it just stresses the importance of air in the soil and maintaining aerobic soil conditions.


Benefits of fasting at least one day out of the week.

4-8 hours

Blood sugars fall
All food has left the stomach
Insulin is no longer produced

12 hours

Food consumed has been burned
Digestive system goes to sleep
Body begins healing process
Human Growth Hormone begins to increase
Glucagon is relaxed to balance blood sugars

14 hours

Body has converted to using stored fat as energy
Human Growth Hormone starts to increase dramatically

16 hours

Body starts to ramp up the fat burning

18 hours

Human Growth Hormone starts to skyrocket

24 hours

Autophagy begins
Drains all glycogen stores
Ketones are released into the blood stream

36 hours

Autophagy 300% increase

48 hours

Autophagy increases 30% more
Immune system reset and regeneration
Increased reduction in inflammation response

72 hours

Autophagy maxes out


Biggest thing with that is to not consume anything other than water. Any sugars or other things will restart the cycle back to 0 and sometimes with bad hunger pains.

I typically don’t eat during the day at work and only drink water. So I get about an 8-10 hour cycle going. I only really crave one small meal a day.


Stop eating at 05:00pm. But keep drinking water only, go to bed get up the next day and eat a late break the fast, round 11:00am. 18 hours of fasting, very good for the body and soul.


funny you say this i was just challenged by a buddy to do a three day fast with him. he has been on a weight loss kick and with just exercise and fasting he has dropped 50lbs in the last 6 months. its not unnatural for me to do a 24 hour fast with only water and coffee, but thats just staying busy and realizing oh i didnt eat today