FOR SALE - Larry's Woodgas 1996 Dakota $3,800.00

Hi Everyone,

Up for sale is my 1996 Woodgas Dakota
I closely followed Wayne Keith’s design and installation instructions for use with the V-8 Dakota and the gasifier has performed amazingly well for the almost 30,000 miles I have driven it so far. I do mostly city driving so I am using a 6.25” restriction providing quick warm-up, good fuel economy and tar-free operation.

Gasifier Controls and instrumentation
• Fuel pump PWM Control
• Cast Aluminum “Mixing Bowl” at throttle body
• Timing advance control
• Air/Fuel mixing controls
• Grate Shaker
• Digital Temperature Displays with adjustable audible alarm for Hopper, Grate and Rails
• Air/Fuel Ratio Guage
• Vacuum gauges for monitoring vacuum at the hopper and rails

Truck Specifications:
1996 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab Pickup with 318 V-8 Engine, Power Windows, power door locks, tilt, cruise control, air conditioning, radio/cd player. The truck was originally 4 x 4 with automatic transmission but I reconfigured the truck to 4 x 2 with manual transmission, even more fun to drive on wood! There is a 2” receiver hitch for towing a trailer, and I added air bags under the rear axle for adjusting the rear ride height if needed when towing or carrying a lot of weight in the bed.

Items I have replaced on the truck are battery, starter, tires, brake pads, rotors, calipers, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires, water pump, thermostat and radiator.

The truck is in good mechanical condition and can be driven anywhere. The only item that will need service soon is the wood hopper, I recently patched a few holes where the drum material is wearing thin but the gasifier is still operating well and the grate and fire tube were still in good condition at last inspection.

I have set the selling price at $3,800.00 as I need to sell this truck to fund my next build so if you want an inexpensive, turn-key drive on wood opportunity, here’s your chance!

I am in Southwest Mississippi, please PM for more information.

Thanks for looking!

Controls Guages UnderHood Gasifier


I would like to talk to you about the truck, I live in Clinton, MS.

[email protected]


Pity I leave in Ireland


I would like to buy the truck if it runs. What is your phone number. Mine is 514 431 6265 my email is [email protected]

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welcome Torrades.,

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I’m interested as well. Glenn 503 515-7410