Good Eatin' and Whatnot

Well, I’m not much of a foodie but for as far back as I can remember my favorite has been beaver. I just cringe when I think of what you do to one Marcus.


Had a pot luck for Christmas at work one year…way before my second marriage, I forgot about it until night before…looked in cupboard had 2 cans of hormel chili a couple boxes of mac and cheese jar of salsa…so cooked up the mac and cheese layered it in a casserole pan, put some chili on top, anther layer of mack and cheese, another layer of chili, covered with last of mac and cheese…poured salsa on top…covered in shredded colby…put in oven for 1/2 hour…was a hit at the pot luck…pan was empty to take home…my now wife loves how easy it is to make.


Can’t beat chilimac. I bet it’d taste even better with some Wolf Brand Chili.