JO's gasified 92 Volvo

To everyone, look at it this way. It is just scrap wood that would be slowly rotting away putting all the Atom Carbons back into the air. By the time Wayne leaves his proprty from his house down the long driveway to the main road, I can drive from my house to the Walmart store almost.
It is just wood not gasoline we are comsuming. My driving habits are different then all of you. My are more like Marcus, lead foot on the pedel. So I will comsume more wood then then you for sure. Different gasifiers, wood, driving conditions, flat land, hills, road speeds. Just to many verabiles to figure it all out on effiencies of wood driving. IT IS JUST WOOD and we have a lot of it for free.


Bob, I agree 100%.
Only time I care about efficiency is when I’m close to my destination, the hopper temp is climbing and I want to avoid refueling or switch to gasoline for the last few miles :smile:


Yup, I think the same way when DOW. Lol