Mazda B2000 Attempt

Hi, I’ve been lurking for some time and I’ve finally built up the gumption to make an account and build a Charcoal gasifier for a vehicle.
My only issue is, my 1986 B2000 uses a manual fuel pump driven off the cam. How would I go about cutting off the fuel supply to the carburetor without ruining the pump? I’m sure making it operate and not run fuel through it would wreck it or maybe I’m just wrong. Should I get a 3 way valve that just redirects the gasoline into the fuel return line? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like this is the only issue barring me from doing a long lasting dual fuel conversion and it’s the only vehicle that I want to convert, as much as I’d like to see my 2007 Honda Fit run on charcoal.


Someone who knows more about manual fuel pumps should answer this I know more about electric than manual. I think you could just put an electronic valve before the fuel pump to kill the supply to the pump. But I don’t know if that would hurt the pump to run dry.


Hello Cody and welcome to the DOW.

I have used both , an electric gasoline shut off valve on a 87 dakota and a 12 volt electric fuel pump on a ford 460 F250 . My choice is the electric pump and you should plug the fuel line to the manual pump.


I have done what you are asking about with a 1989 Toyota Corolla. It is only an occassional driver, but has worked well so far. My mechanical fuel pump has a return line back to the gasoline tank. In gasoline operation, when the float bowl is full, and the needle valve cuts off the gasoline coming into the carburetor, the gasoline then flows from the fuel pump back to the tank.

I added a gasoline cut-off valve in the rubber gas line between the fuel pump and carburetor which I connected to a cable so I could control it from the driver’s seat. When that valve is shut off, the fuel pump then pumps gasoline from the tank and circulates directly it back into the tank. Then I can run on charcoal gas.


Those are usualy membrane pumps so l think they shuld be fine runing dry. Its the same on my Škoda.

When l get to it, l will probably just cut the line between the pump and carb with a valve, then petrol will just bypass the carb all together. No need for a 3 way valve.

Some carbs have a cutoff swich. Closing jets when driving downhill etc… look for those, if it has one its an easy job.

Ofcorse, there is no way to hybrid as is. I was thinking to use 1 of my carb barrels for woodgas and one for petrol


They used 2 different throttles for this(motorcycle throttle on the shifter) , but I think you could make linkage for one. If you read through threr’s a link for a two barrel carb.