Properties of a good wood gasifier

Thanks, that is a new one. Got a link long ago from Dutch John about cyclones (now I know where he got it from :grinning:), works like a charm but you really need that cone.
This system was talked about in another thread, works ok too. The advantage in my opinion is the lower speed of separation and therefor less pressure loss, together with simple fabrication.


Joep, did you think so, to insert a conical baffle plate into the pipe, it is easy to make, to reshape the sheet metal with a hydraulic press,…

Bob, you have good ideas, Steve, your proposal is also interesting and simple.


Yes, something like that. Think of a weight turning on a rope. If you make the rope shorter , the weight speeds up. Going down the cone. As soon as it goes threw the hole at the bottom dust goes outside (rope gets longer) , it looses speed and drops. Take a look/google at Bill Penz.

The link Mr Steve provided there is a horizontal plate between separation and collection. Cant remember who posted in the other tread but there were nice videos about separation of MDF dust.

I once put a cylinder on top of a briquette press and the whole cylinder started turning with no separation :grinning: Try and error. It is essential the air/dust has some place to separate and keeps it separated.

Cons of a real cyclone
1 high speed and pressure loss
2 much higher/longer build


Did I show pictures of my horizontal separator? It was on a CZ press. Works ok too.


I never quite understood the function of the swirl burner in the GEK model other than it was a blower, but I think it pulled bigger particulates out of the gas stream from the cyclone. This also had a movable circular grate.


? Swirl burner? Doesnt it just do what it says? Make the gas swirl and mix with air for better combustion?