Solar: the good, the bad, the cutting edge and the bare bones

Al, I called the number on their web page and never got through. I don’t really care where they are located anymore, but I suppose it’s important to be correct.
As usual, caveat emptor.


I am sorry you had a bad experience with Battery Hookup. I respect your opinion, I really want to like them, and hope they succeed with their responsible recycling business model. I may order something minor and see what happens.
Edit: I will treat them like any other random surplus vendor, expecting mixed results. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks Mike,
I appreciate the kind words.

I bought this “new” from them as well. It is a 100ah LiFePo battery pack. It has worked well.
I guess the advice I want to give is:
Don’t expect customer support. Be careful reading the advertisement.

I am currently purchasing a number of CALB batteries “new” from eBay sellers. I am trying to follow reviews from eBay, Reddit, and the DIY electric car forums. So far, so good. We are at 60v with another 84v to go.

Good shopping to you!


Because I spent the money, I would try to revive them. It can be pretty dicey so like in a protected area, and it may not work at all given how long they have been sitting. :slight_smile: The other option of course is try to sell them to a recycler to recover the lithium which has gone way up in price. :slight_smile:

They probably went under voltage and into ‘sleep’ mode, and a lot of chargers won’t try to charge them if they are less then like 2.5v.


I would concur with that. I have revived drill battery packs using a dumb charger rated at bellow the pack’s full charge voltage hooked directly onto the cells bypassing the bms. The bms then Woke up and allowed me to use the regular charger. There are a whole lot of chemistries and bms parameters out there though and thermal runaway is a definite thing so perhaps not a bad idea to just recycle it.