Starting engine with blower

Tom H, little finger??

Leelanau county. NW of Traverse City. Cedar.

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I am taking my Mom to a appointment in Petoskey next month, maybe stop by?

Been to Traverse City more than I want lately, granddaughter goes to college there.

One of my sons, from Washington State is coming next month for a visit with my severely autisic grandson. That month will be loony tunes here. Not sure about the dates yet.

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Totally understand. Maybe another time, I am only couple hours from you. Always up for a short road trip.

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Tom, sorry for inviting myself, just so want to get a gasifier going. After being in the Army I get overzealous about going after what I want. :grin:. Will wait for a possible invite.


Hi JohnT.,
the DOW has easy Personal Messaging direct off of forum features.

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Steve Unruh


We got them home today! Now the work starts.


We are going to get them running with gasoline then once all is good build our chargas system. They both ran when parked lol :laughing: