The Gasifier That Wanted To Be

A specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they everything about nothing.


This college graduate with some graduate school studies, due to personal interest, did fun and self-help projects before, during and ever since college. Being cheap, frugal and stingy helps, too. Each individual and situation is unique.


Yes Steve Bowman, true. But exceptional.
My blood family; and my neighbors the rule is the more advanced education; the more degrees; the less they do for themselves. Oh yeah, they will “games” galore. Fun, fun recreate. Talk, talk. Debate, debate. Damn near everything.
But not grow carrots and potatoes. Not grow meats. Not do any plumbing. Not do any electrical.
Oil changes?! “That is what Jiffy Lube does for me.” “AAA will change my flats. Jump start me. Bring me some gasoline.”
I apologize not for saying this. Direct from family get-togethers.
Too many Union Tradesmen are just as bad so far as doing as little as possible for themselves.
“Steve, help me fix my lawn mower.”. A working mechanical engineer. “Steve help me figure out how to restring my weed eater.” A three degreed fellow with an I.Q far higher than mine.
Again; true occurrences just this summer. Twice on the different re-loading auto string heads. I do not even use these. I use a solid aluminum spool head with 18" pre-cuts that I make up. No dried saps clogging bound up plastics for me ever again.
Mech-ca-nick me I did figure theirs out. Without breaking them and silicone spray washed, cleaned and lubricated. Gave away my own spray cans. Telling them to after finshing ALAWYS spray it down until dripping. Shake off. Knock on wood.

So goes Life. Take as much as possible control over your own.
Steve Unruh