The Macro (approch) versus the Micro (approch)

Vice admiral Dennis V McGinn
Had some crazy plan . I think he has been beat down to the point where he does not remember what the plan was . It was a crazy plan .
I said district heat . Allowing people to live and work inside the same heating cooling loop . Guess that breaks every Union and occupational safety rule .
There was a power unit " ISE Thundervolt auxiliary power unit " Two of these would power a hybrid bus . You should get more then one . You should rent energy storage , The utility interconnect should be provided by and paid for by utility . you should get paid for power at rate paid for nuclear power .
the new term is " Distributed energy resources "


October 4, 2019, both Exelon and ComEd “received a second grand jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois that requires production of records of any communications with certain individuals and entities, including Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval.” Regarding zero emission credits for nuclear power plants .

The only thing to come out of Paris climate talks was support for nuclear power by EU
The resolution says the European Parliament "believes that nuclear energy can play a role in meeting climate objectives because it does not emit greenhouse gases, and can also ensure a significant share of electricity production in Europe

Germany has been phasing out its nuclear power, as policy, since 1999. It’s also been expanding its renewable generation. The nuclear phase-out provides the renewables market with a clear, long-term positive signal. As does Germany’s commitment to decarbonisation.

Northwest of Lake Superior sits Atikokan Generating Station (GS), North America’s largest 100 per cent biomass station.
The 205-megawatt station burns sustainably sourced wood pellets to generate clean electricity for about 70,000 homes, schools, businesses and hospitals. Unlike other renewable energy sources, biomass has the advantage of dispatchability, which means generation is controllable and available when needed.

In early June, lemon juice was introduced to help boost the thermal station’s performance, and the results have been anything but sour. Here’s how it works.

Water cycles through the plant to cool the hot ash produced when the pellets are burned inside the boiler’s furnace. Before the cooling water is discharged back to nearby Snow Lake, plant chemists like Jason Dragan analyze it to ensure it meets strict environmental standards.

“Our compliance with these standards is critical to maintaining our social licence to operate,” says Dragan, Atikokan’s Environment, Chemistry and Safety Supervisor.

“This isn’t lemon juice you buy from the grocery store but it’s pretty close.”
Jason Dragan, Environment, Chemistry and Safety Supervisor
Citric acid storage containment at Atikokan Generating Station.
Citric acid storage containment at Atikokan Generating Station.
In efforts to keep improving the station’s environmental performance, a team of environmental technicians, chemists and plant engineers recently installed a new system that uses citric acid to boost the efficiency of the station’s flocculent – a chemical that helps remove the ash particles from the furnace ash water.

“This isn’t lemon juice you buy from the grocery store but it’s pretty close,” said Dragan. “This citric acid brings the pH of our plant water into optimal range which helps the flocculent do its job with the right dosage.”

Initial studies indicate the lemon juice is helping to enhance the station’s environmental performance

in November 2013 when the Ministry of Energy announced that Thunder Bay GS would be converted to advanced biomass.[2] Ontario’s Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli outlined the broad terms of the conversion in a directive to the Ontario Power Authority dated 16 December 2013.[9] Chiarelli noted that the station will have only one unit operating as a peaking plant and that OPG is only permitted to purchase 15,000 tonnes of fuel annually. It was estimated that the 15,000 tonnes of fuel will permit the single unit to operate at 2% of capacity.[10] The generating station will have a five-year contract to produce electricity starting in January 2015.[11] As of 2015, the plant burns steam treated wood pellets (bio coal) from Arbaflame in Norway.[12] On July 27, 2018 OPG and IESO announced the closure of Thunder Bay Generating Station due to having a leak in the boiler causing the station to be shut down since May. 2018

Ontario is working to refurbish 10 nuclear reactors at the Darlington and Bruce power plants at estimated costs of $12.8 billion and $13 billion respectively. In the months ahead, Ontario Power Generation expects to start the refurbishment process for one of the units at Darlington.
Nuclear power, on the other hand, has risen to US$9,550 per kW in 2019 from US$6,792 per kW in 2013.
157 Terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2005, when the province began exploring refurbishing nuclear reactors, to 137.5 TWh in 2018.
“the risk that the cost of refurbishing the reactors will be higher or lower than planned,” “the cost of operating the reactors will be higher or lower than planned,” the “risk of insufficient electricity grid demand for nuclear generation” and the risk “that the province’s commitment to nuclear refurbishment will preclude it from taking advantage of alternative, lower cost, low emissions grid-scale electricity generation options.”
Ontario Power Generation – the provincially-owned company managing the project – says it has already terminated one contractor from the job – Black & McDonald – due to “unsatisfactory” work. While the company says a second contractor – the joint-venture between SNC-Lavalin and Aecon – was recently put on notice because of its unacceptable performance on the job.


Hi All, in the past I let this topic run a bit wild.
It went then a bit sour doom and gloom with Macro problems and macro viewpoints to these problems.
O.K. Here is a newer more optimistic Macro viewpoints.
One billion new trees in the USofA by 2030.
With three billion additional new trees planted and growing in the USofA by 2050.
And as the presenter says: trees, trees, and more trees are the very best realistic solutions for atmospheric carbons reductions.
Trees info begins at minutes 8:40

I still stand by my statements of personal “Micro” choice living I made 4 1/2 years ago.
Move out true RURAL and plant and grow your own owned trees!!
You be a solution. Quit waiting for someone else to step up; or into your Life as a Hero, a Saviour. They demand too much for their services.
We are post COVID lock-down, experienced now.
Steve Unruh


A follow up on my anti-Hero disbeliefs. And a head-bow to this entertainers passing yesterday. Tina Turner may you Rest In Peace.

Songs words a little clearer here. Focus on the words, the sentiment, not the distracting visuals in both of these: