Transmission belt made from tires on woodgas small engine

swedish gasifier…


Hello Friend, I have a similar threshing machine from 1886 in my forge, I will take a photo of it tomorrow. I like things that have a soul


yes, photos we like all here, the old engines last for a long time…better quality, in this time the stuff comes not from china…
bevore running the tresher with chargas engine, we used the horse to run the engine , is needed a gopel for this we built in 1998…
maybee this stuff in poland is also to find nowadays, they worked longer time with horses as here in the west…


Hello Giorgio my friend, I am looking for old engines in Poland, they are the best. True, Chinese goods are of inferior quality. I have a lot of old 200-year-old things in my forge

I’m sending you a photo from my forge it’s an old threshing machine, moreover, I have a lot of old 200 things and I’m preparing a place for them to show them as museums

See how many things I have been able to collect in the last two years, now I am moving them to another room as museum exhibits

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miroslav, i cannot open the link from your museum…
ciao giorgio

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Hello Giorgio, Forgive me lately, I am very busy, I will answer you in the near future.

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no problem , miroslav…