Velocity is a state of grace

I watched this video from Project Farm guy last night.

He has also done them on gasoline vapors. Hook up for this is the same as for wood gas. For a stationary application like a generator it would be easy to just feed lines from both the gasifier and the vapor container into a Y with shut offs from each before the Y. It you normally start the engine on gasoline to start sucking in wood gas then you could start on vapor, open the wood gas valve and shut the vapor valve without having to time the gas running out and starting the wood gas feed. Running on vapor the carb is just a port with a throttle and choke. Not much to screw up.

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I would love to pull this into its own topic!
I would like to use one of these vapor canisters filled with gasoline to flood a biodiesel tank with gasoline vapor as the biodiesel is pumped out.
I would also like to use the engine heat to crack and vaporize oil and plastic for immediate use in an engine.


The bubblers are neat but you dont get any extra fuel economy. Definitely handy in a pinch though.
If I ever did a straight producer gas vehicle Iā€™d probably make one as a backup system to plumb right in.