Wayne keith gasifier for later model dakota's

I was Thinking, all the dodge dakota years I’m finding are a little bit later, say around 1997-2000, what further adaptations do i have to make to convert to wood gas with one of these? will the engine just not work because it is running wood gas and the computers recognize it?

Hello Tyler .

I think you will be OK if you stay with a 5.2 or a 5.9L motor. They both will have a distributor.

The rear passenger side shock absorber is in the way of the gasifier and will have to be relocated to the back of the axle.

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Ok, good to know, in my general area the '90-'95 dakotas are few and far between. Only ones I see are part outs. I want to make sure I can do it sometime with the Trucks i can easily get my hands on.

Thanks, Tyler.

Hello Tyler .

Below is a tread you may want to read over .

Hi Tyler I put a gasifier in a 97 Dakota and it works fine. but if you’re serious about doing this you’ll have to buy Wayne’s book If you haven’t already It’s the best place to start. Did you say you live in Wisconsin about 200 miles from eagle River If so we can be very far From each other. I’d be happy to take you for a ride in mine, will have to pick a weekend that is not - 20 degrees

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I was considering building one in maybe a year or two, just considering my options for now. If you are going to Argos this year that is just easier for now. I am Young, I don’t have a car yet, when I do, I plan to go through with this project so I can explore the possibilities of alternative fuel cars. Just like in Europe during WWII.


10-4 hope you can make it / hope I can make it