Wood Fired Destructive Distillation

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I cant get the video to load. What is it about?

Hello J.L.T.
It is Bruce Jacksons referred to in Aleppo Syria fellows crude plastics to combustible engine fuels cooking down.
I manually re-post to isolated any dragged across shits flung at me from cross infecting anyone else.
The upper case “i” and lower case “L” give me problems.

Lots of DYI scale plastics-to-fuels videos out there.
I only found one other by an India fellow MH4 TECH showing using wood for his heating.

You and BruceJ., and KristijanL, are way ahead of me on this topic.
You did have me auditing my weekly house holds plastics drag-in (three Girls! Ekk!).
Then reviewing back BenP’s videos from his large WasteBots 1st gen, 2gen to his 3rd gen small benchtop.
Damn man you are all correct. There is enough annual household plastics here to run my fuel sipper J.D. Yanmar 950 tractor and my little single cylinder Chinese water-cooled 7.5 hp diesel for my whole years usage.

My apologies to you.
Please do continue on this topic.
Steve unruh

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