12 volt smog blower

Went to fire up gasifier for the first time blower ran good for about 5 min. then quit then would run for a few seconds then shut off after a couple of minutes run for a few seconds shut off again kept doing this till I called it quits for the day can the blower be hooked directly to the battery or do you have to wire something else into it.

Sounds like you might have a thermal overload on the blower. Is your gas hot when it passes through the blower?

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the way I have it setup gas does not pass through the blower the housing on the blower was warm to the touch while hooked up to the battery.

Worn out brushes maybe heating up the motor?

I agree with David that it acts like a thermal but it may just be doing its job, check that the blower turns freely, you may have a dry bearing or some other resistance.