12v timer switch questions

Hello all,
I am using a 12v push pull solenoid that has 11lbs p/p power to actuate my grate. I would like to have it actuate every few minutes. What kind of timer should I use to accomplish this?
Thanx, Gordon

Here are the timers we have used in the past. They work very well and are good quality for the most part. Because these come mostly from China I would order at least two. Also I would run it through another relay, to save some where and tear on the on board relays.


Thanx Matt, I was looking at these on Ebay but I’m not real good with electronics. I just needed someone else to confirm my thoughts. thanx again Gordon

No problem, they are pretty simple to set up and wire. I can help you with that.

That’s great Matt,
I ordered 2 of them like you said. I did look on Ebay for 12v ones tho. Your link was for 24v. I am trying to go 100% 12v. I have to find a good blower setup (12v) next. I can’t hear myself think w/ that shop vac. but it was only $15 at Home Depot for x-mas sale… so I’ll suffer for now. BBB Gordon

good catch yeah we use the 12 v flavor too. I hope I didn’t order them in 24 v argh!!!

If you have any issue with setting them up shoot me an email.


One more data point…I like these:


I did a write up on them here:

half way down the page.



You could also use the 555 chip with a potentiometer. However what you ordered is probably cheaper then diy in this instance.

The easiest is an arduino or raspberrypi-type of computer to trigger a relay to run the solenoid. You just use the blink light example to trigger the relay. It isn’t the cheapest option, unless you are looking to do something else, like o2 sensors, gas mixers, temperature sensors, auger feed rate controller, etc. with the arduino or pi.

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