1975 Chevy Woodgas project

Back to my 1975 Chevy woodgas project.

Started a good while back with 2 transformer cans and 2 30 gallon drums. These photos are where I started sizing things up. I will format some more photos and upload them showing progress that was made.

It is possible to see the progress I made on my YouTube channel. I have a playlist called Woodgas Projects. My channel is Onewyatt1.

Health put this project on hold but I am ready to start on it again. Hoping a little feed back will help.

A few more photos:

I will get back with more info later but thought a few photos would be good for now. Till then, more can be seen on my [YouTube] Channel: ONEWYATT1



I’m interested to see how those transformer cans end up working out.

The transformer cans should do well. They are heavier than the drums I have seen others use. It has been a while sense I worked on the project but I hope to get this project finished ASAP. The cans are smaller than the 50 gallon drums but for my purpose, the fuel hopper don’t need to be large. The 30 gallon drum should hold enough fuel for 25 to 50 miles. My round trip to the local store is about 10 miles. I do have the build about half done. Only way to see the progress is on my YouTube for now. I am trying to figure out how to reduce the photos to an upload size so I can post them here. Anyway, thanks for the feed back, it motivates me to move on it.

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One of the programs you can use, is Microsoft Office picture Manager - it is part of the MS Office packet. With it, you can resize, crop, etc etc. And it is easy to use. Take a standerd 14 Megapixel camera, and then take one of your photos to play with. You will see that even at 30persent of the origional size, you still get a very good quality picture. Hopes it helps.

My favorite is a free program called FastStone Image viewer that does almost everything you would ever want to do with photos.

Thanks, couldn’t use the Office but cropping helped.

I will check on FastStone. I would like to find freeware that will let me reduce resolution without cropping.

Some suggestions here;

Hi Chris and others … I have used a program called srip ?? Maybe it’s srip32 ??? (screen rip) for a decade or better … I have it on all my windows machines … I also use another program as a viewer (picaview) … I just right click on a picture file and display it and I can enlarge or shrink it and then I do a partial screen capture on what I want and then save as a jpg and post … There is no reason for anybody to post a picture more than 100 kb in size … Chris, I’m still waiting on that phone modem … I’m stuck in dialup land most of the time … I’ll be glad to send those programs but they carry the dreaded exe extension :o) Regards, Mike L