1995 F150 for sale

I hate to do it,but I’m going to have to sell my truck. I have a work related injury & may be out of work for a while. Best to be prepaired. Anyway this is a 1995 F150,V8 302,Automatic trany,163000 miles,with a WK style gasifier complete with exhaust heat exchanger.The only issue with this truck is the AC does’nt work.I’m asking $9500. If interested respond via Email through this site.

I am interested in the truck couldn’t find your email hope this gets a hold of you my email is [email protected] phone is (913) 530-5194 please call or text can I get your phone number got some questions on the truck

Sorry to hear that Jim, I was looking for you at Argos. Hope you get better soon.

Sam I’ve sent you an Email. Thanks Carl,healing is slow but have’nt quit wood gas besides I can always build another.

If you have not sold it yet, could you send me an email to [email protected] or call me at 8134240852. I really really want to talk to you if you have not sold it yet and I think you will be pleased. I hope you get better soon and I’m sorry to hear about your accident.

i would like to do the same thing with my 95 f-150 302 w/auto trans, do you still have the plans?

@Curt that’s the standard Wayne Keith gasifier from the book or “Premium” side of the forum.

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