1995 f350 460 4x4 good choice?

new to this gathering parts live in the. Missouri Ozarks. Would like to meet other builder thanks Daniel


Hello Daniel and welcome to the DOW.

A truck the size of the f350 should operate OK on flat roads 50 - 60 mph. Up hills or faster speeds may require hybrid driving .

Not good for fast and open roads but a good truck for around a farm use .

The below video is my 460 f250 ford doing farm work .


Hello Wayne, really appreciate your help, I will have more questions about the 460 we live in the Ozarks so it’s quite hilly, don’t go far, so will keep you posted, busy time on the farm for a 73 year old man have to keep plugging away, sure enjoyed the video Daniel


Thank you Daniel and Wayne! I somehow missed this thread first time around. Seems like the ‘Ol 460 Ford is a workin’ man’s truck. I am going back and watching the vintage (11 years old) short pearls of video on Wayne’s YouTube Channel.