20 gallon steel drum lid gaskets

I need to replace the gasket on my 20 gallon drum lid and I can not find anyone that has them. If anyone knows where I can order the gasket, please let me know.
Pat Hightower

If I had to replace a drum gasket, I would make my own out of EPDM. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. This is used in the roofing industry and can be had at any roofing supply store. It comes in 45 mil, and thicker like 90 mil. It comes from the factory in huge rolls 10 feet wide, and is sold by the foot. It’s less than $1 per square foot, if I recall correctly. I have a roll in my shop and I use it to make all kinds of gaskets for my truck. I would use that to make a gasket for a drum, and then glue it into the lid. EPDM rubber will take quite a bit of heat before it melts.

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I think the regular gaskets are also made from EDPM.

Can you use a 55 gallon drum gasket and cut it to fit.

The old kenmore dryer door seals have a 15-1/2" outside to outside round rubber gasket might work,thats what i am going too try useing.should be perty thick after silo caulk.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
This 20 gallon drum is my fuel loading door on top of the hopper. I open and close this lid a lot.
The 55 gallon gasket cut down may work and if I can not find a 20 gallon drum gasket I will try the 55 gallon drum gasket. My lid gasket grove is 14 and 7/8 inches from outside to outside. I do not think the dryer gasket will work because of the size difference.
Somebody has to make these gaskets for the 20 gallon drum and I sure would like to find them.