2012 Gathering Report

Why haven’t the neglected few that couldn’t make the event seen any feedback on what happened? Surely someone took pictures and has a tale to tell. Am I missing it somewhere on the site? thanks, Lee

Here’s the main two:

I hope there is more stuff in the way of pictures and videos yet to come but the truth is it was for those that showed up. I didn’t take a single picture the whole time I was there because I didn’t need to. It was a wonderful turnout with a great group of people. It is too bad we couldn’t coax Hugh Wilson and a few others to make it but I am very thankful to the folks that did make it. I was shocked that Tom Collins made the trip as well as Jeff Davis … For me, seeing Gary Gilmore’s charcoal setup with recycled exhaust was the most inspiring so I will have to spend some more time figuring that out. Very cool and it ran perfect … Thanks to all that showed up, Mike L