2014 Arkansas Woodgas Meetup | Marshall, AR | Oct 4

Our Flying Jam / Woodgas gathering is scheduled for Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Searcy County Airport in Marshall, Arkansas.
See the first post in this thread for information: http://driveonwood.com/forum/847

I plan to have the Wood Hawg there. It is undergoing a major refit “again”. I will also bring my chunker and Gilmore Charcoal Gasifier. Bring your woodgas project or show up to see, touch (HOT) and ask.

Richard, It’s been near a year of dead space on this thread. My 60th is 8 days after(14th). I’d like to pull it off and maybe my wife, (Sue) can fly down after (or during) and we can go to Cape San Blas as we plan to do … Can she get a puddle jumper into your local port ??? Just thinking out loud but you know me now … Weez the real thing … Mike
PS, thanks for installing e-brakes :o)

Hello Mike,
It would be great if you could make it. There are no commercial flights available to our back country airport, but I guarantee the drive in will be scenic this time of year.

Chris, can you change the title of this thread to “Arkansas Woodgas Gathering”. The 2013 date may confuse some folks. Thank you

Richard, you get a shiny new thread. Looks like a fun event!


Relatively cheap, easy flights (like Southwest) to Little Rock or Tulsa, OK. Neither is too too far from Marshall …
Marshall is a neat town, picturesque, kindof has a magic about it. It was great meeting Richard and Carl and others there, last year. I don’t know if I’ll make it or not, but I believe I am going to a Glen Campbell documentary celebration in Hot Springs on the 10th, so maybe we can combine these trips.

I don’t think I’ll have my woodgas powered airplane done by then. But Beth and I will be there any way we can.
Thanks Richard.
Let us know if we can do or bring anything…

Looking forward,

Richard & Martin, I was thinking of driving down to play and then fly my wife to Corpus Christi and pick her up there and go camp on the coast with truck and wood burner … She just freaked out about it … We just drove to Green Bay and caught a live Packers game … Her brother mailed us the tickets … She bitched the whole week before and all the way up and through the game and all the way back it has been a life long dream of her’s to go there … Kind of like Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman) … Don’t mess with the routines … Martin, have you heard anything from Jim M in the last year … He caught me right about the time I got paralyzed last year if I recall right or it might have been the year before when he contacted me … I got my new gasifier on the trailer today and can finally work on it … Plan to cut the shroud tomorrow …Big storms rolling in , in the next couple of hours. I cleaned up a mess yesterday from the last round. More truck fuel.

Haven’t kept up with jim mason but looks like he is doing good. Hey, did anyone here on DOW discuss the picture of your wagon in the book, The Knowledge? Pretty significant book, well done. Impressed that he found you. And what could be more appropriate for that book than a LaRosafier? (of course he did not mention it by name, but at least showed your wagon, included you in the index and he didn’t tout the FEMA). How did that come about? Maybe we need to start a new thread …

We are planning to be there again this year. Hoping for a little better weather too.

I will be there for sure. I go up there every other weekend or so to help my brother at his cabin on the mountain and we will be deer hunting up there that weekend as well. I haven’t built my gasifier yet but I have nursed my flying bug very thoroughly over the years so I’m looking forward to a double treat. I get to see real wood gas AND Richard’s Zenith.

What more could a guy ask for! Woodgas ride and an airplane ride may be possible. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I’m right there with ya on that one!

Is the meetup Saturday, Oct 4th?

Hello Martin,

Yes, the meetup is on Saturday Oct 4. It is always the first Saturday in Oct. I hope the weather will treat us better this year. Hope to see you there.

and be sure to bring the charcoal motor cycle.

Is there room for someone from MN? I may bring my gasifier and lawn tractor if that’s okay?

I noticed last year there may have been wood available to get back home. Anyone know if that is something that is going to happen this year. Bill I’m going to try and make it and would like to see you bring your tractor and gasifier.


I’ll bring extra wood for you Gary, We’d love to see the lawn tractor Bill. Motels are a problem, some of the fly in guys slept in the hanger last year. It is a very nice big setup similar to Argos. Wife and I are staying @ Jennings house B & B 106 E. Main St. Marshall, Ar 870-448-2230 Her husband is in Hospice, but she welcomed us only no breakfast. A new McDonalds is at the turnoff to the airport. Probably food for sale on Sat. at the airport.

Is it just a one day event?
Should/can we show up the evening of the 3rd and stay in a tent?

Flyers were there Friday last year.