2015 Evolution S-IV for sale

I have our last years ES-IV for sale. This is for a current build we were working, but I want to update this machine to the latest and greatest Rev. So the plan is to sell this one and build the latest and greatest; I am selling very very cheap. I am asking $8500.00 for it, If I were retail this its current configuration it would be over $12000.00 so I am going to eat some cost on this. This will make a great gasifier for a woodgas truck with a V8.

I will update pictures soon on this, we are going to build a gravity feed hopper for it and a Flex Control system that will include controls for the liquid cooling system. Its about 90% complete here in the pictures, it just needs the hopper, filtration lids and the controller built. We will be working on it this week. The hopper will have 2.7 Cubic Feet of capacity. The machine measures 56" long X 20" Deep X 64" tall once the hopper is built. This machine features the first revision of the large capacity filter tank with the easy access service cover. However the doors did not come until later so this one does not have the doors for clean out. Gas chiller is liquid cooled with 35 gpm pump and chiller radiator. If you install this on a truck I would build the WK cooling rails and it will make very clean dry gas. The architecture is driven to the line #10 of the imbert chart it has a 6"X4" (specific to Vulcan) Restriction / 12" deep reduction with our hybrid grate system. The jetting can be removed externally for easy tuning if need be. It has our automated grate and hopper agitators and we will build and integrate the blower onto the condenser/media filter. This has the plunger style clean outs, you can use this method or you can get a fire place / woodstove vac for easier an easier clean out method. Its comes with a 6X3 reduction bell as well if you want to run a smaller engine. It also has the temp probe for the grate temp, it comes with the probe but it will not have the read out.

If you are interested contact me at [email protected]