2015 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 29-31

Yes, it’s a donation-based event. We take up a collection at the door (we’ve done it in advance too, depends on treasury funds).

Bring something to eat and something to show / share. Main dishes will be provided, but more’s always welcome. I’ll be updating the first post shortly with some more details.

I have been trying to make it to Argos for several months now. It depends on getting my gasifier working. I will not drive that far on gasoline. I can only drive my truck work and back on gasoline. I am working on the heat exchanger right now, though, and I just need to finish that, then finish the cooling rack, the condensation tanks, and then put it all on the truck. Should take two weeks…

Keep after it Brian. It is a lot of work, but well worth it.

I’ll be there with a charcoal Wheel Horse or two. I’m going to bring some stuff I don’t use any more, hopefully find a new home for it. No camping this year.

Jeff from PA

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Getting close! I have my map and route all planned out. The total trip is 177 miles so I plan to bring about 300 lbs of wood or so. (depends on how well my char bed has settled in) A little extra “just in case” wood. My wife and I are going to drop the kids at granny’s house and take all country back roads the whole way, on wood. We have not had an adult trip like this alone since our kids were born 6 years ago. I marked out all of the refueling points along the map about every 50-75 miles or so and they are all before any urban areas to avoid a scene by rubber-neckers passing by. I am going to be bringing some extra bags to give away while I am down there. They hold about 15 pounds of soft wood and 25 pounds of hard wood. 20 Bags of wood 1 way ain’t bad at all! I will be coming from the Lansing Michigan area.


I didn’t see on the rsvp form a place for number coming, such as family etc. Head count in usually needed isn’t it?

Thanks for the reminder. Added.

Chris after filling out the rsvp form there was a link to see who has already responded, and there it lists the e’mail, phone numbers and everything. this was a different listing than the on linked above on the thread.

Thanks Andrew, I’ve turned that one off.

If anyone has an extra firetube they wanna sell, ill buy it… I would like to start making a spare.

I’m keeping my extra, but they may have more where I got mine. Next time I’m there, I’ll check.

Hi guys…just thought I would let you know that my step dad and most of all a best friend passed away last Thursday. He was on the battleship USS Perkins and worked in the engine room. He said when they would fire the guns you could see the asbestos particles in the air when it shook the ship. The asbestoses finally took him down even though he was in excellent shape for a man his age, he just could no longer breath. Some of you will remember that he and my mother made the trip to Argo’s last year pulling the trailer full of wood for me. He really enjoyed being involved in helping me build my gasified truck and being involved in the trip to Argo’s was something we all will never forget. He was so glad to meet the all the guys in Argo’s. Still to early to know if we will make it this year but will try to if possible. Truck still running good over 8,000 miles on it. SWEM.

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Hey Gary, nice to hear from you but very sorry to hear about step Dad. He sounded like a great man and am glad I was able to meet him last year. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I sure hope to see you this year at Argos.
Take care,
Bill Schiller


What Bill said I think goes for all of us who met him at Argos last year So sorry for your loss. Hope to see you again soon.

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Good morning Gary .

Real good to hear from you but hate to hear the news of your step Dad.

I remember meeting him last year and seem like a fine Gentleman .

Hope you make it to Argos , I would really like seeing you again


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Hi Gary, sorry to hear of your loss, They were the greatest generation, I talked to a veteran last night that served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. Great respect and prayers for your family. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks to all for the thoughts and kind words. Hope to make it to Argo’s, I know my Grandson is wanting to go again. he really likes hanging out with you guys. I still think his favorite was Mike Larosa, I still have the video of all the guys telling there stories on how they got involved in wood gasification. Really liked Mikes story about making it to the top of the hill on crushed up tumble weeds and coasting down the hill to the place where he worked. Also like to say to Bill Shiller, you are doing very nice work. I have not been keeping up with everybody but sounds like you and Joseph Hauler are making good progress.
Good luck to all the new builders.

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Hi Gary. You have my condolences on both your friend and your link to grateful Americans. My Dad never complained about losing a half a leg in WWII and worked overtime when asked and raised 7 kids. I’m glad you have more good memories than bad. Hope to see you sooner than later. Doug D.

Gary, Time marches on for all of us … I breathed in piles and piles of asbestos dust replacing old boilers and furnaces (also old ceilings and tiles on houses) … We never really thought about it … I usually used a paper dust mask but that was probably not good enough. I just didn’t like coughing and hacking all night after work. I always brazed without glasses and am lucky to still have both eyes but the cataracts are developing now … Time will tell … Sorry he went down for the count. Every day is a blessing … Happy Easter … Mike

Gary good to hear from you, however like everyone else above I am sorry for your loss. The vets we are losing today were some of the finest Americans to ever walk this earth. I am 30 years old so hearing how life used to be from them is so rewarding to me since I will never know the kind life that they lived back in the “golden ages”. I am glad you got to have the good memories you did with your step dad. Not everyone has that kind of relationship in their life. I hope to get to meet you at Argos so we can share these good memories together. We are making History here with what were all doing and I am glad to be a part of it. I owe a special thanks to you for sending me the materials I needed free of charge.

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