2015 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 29-31

This is the official thread of information about the 2015 Indiana woodgas meetup.

The 2017 thread is here.
The 2016 thread is here.

We are going to meet in Argos, IN on May 29-31 at the Marshall County Fairgrounds.

Most of the info from last year still applies.

Looking forward to it! May is coming up soon…

If you’re coming we need to know, for insurance reasons and general planning; this is not technically a “public” event. But we’re all friends here, and you’re all invited. So, tell us if we can expect you! Signup sheet below.

The fairground is on Linhart Dr in Argos IN. Just put “Linhart Dr. Argos, IN 46501” into Google Maps or your GPS.

The nearest hotels are in Rochester and Plymouth. A few choices, but get your reservations early. According to Ron Lemler, the hotel rooms vary from $41 to $100+ per night.

On-site camping is free, and highly recommended. Electric hookups are available, $15 a night. There are train tracks close by, trains do run at night - just FYI. Last year the consensus was that staying on site definitely improved the experience, I’d encourage everyone who can to try it.

Main courses for lunch and supper are provided, but we encourage everyone to bring some food to share. We have a wonderful group of ladies who have kept us well fed the last two events. Anything we can do to make their lives easier will be appreciated! [A food thread is coming soon]

Who all will be coming with a woodgas vehicle? Also to save some space, post whatever else you might be bringing along to share, food, toys, tools exhibits… whatever.

I’ll start.

I’m coming with a 1992 Dakota, on wood. I’ll pack as many goodies as I can. Including some books and t-shirts / hats. German potato salad. May bring a sound system along. And of course musical instruments.

Here’s the RSVP form:


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2015 Indiana Woodgas Meetup - RSVP (Responses) - Google Drive

Yep, I’m definitely planning to come. Don’t know if I will have anything to show or not yet.

Chris, Put me on the list … My blackeyed peas disappeared last year but only one person touched the grits so I will plan on cooking a big pot of blackeyed peas again for Saturday lunch and skip the grits. I’m not sure what I’m bringing this year but I’ll have a much smaller trailer. It is set up for local use. I’m glad I brought the blowers and pipework along last year and we were able to get Bill’s unit going after his bilge blower meltdown. I will bring some of that stuff this year. I / we will figure it all out in the spring. Lots to do here between now and then …
Mike LaRosa, Linden, Wisconsin

Had a great time last year , will be even more fun driving on wood. I try to make it back east annually to see family so what better time to go . Hard time to leave the garden, Lost all my seedlings last year, bought new when I got home only to loose most to a hail storm. My harvest consisted mostly of green beans this year and I never did get my chickens. Oh well, see you in the spring!

I just made reservations at Plymouth (13 miles away) Days Inn. Wife and dog don’t camp so good.

I’ll be driving a Dodge no matter what, for the first time in my life. Sleeping the opposite way of Carl.

I will be there. With my new truck.

If this is your first trip to Argos, there is an information document located in the files section that addresses some common questions such as directions, facilities, layout, available power, etc.

Doug, Are you going to drive both the camper and truck ??? Mike
BTW, I learned it’s OK to camp there for the others that are deciding … I did a hotel the first year… A few trains go through but I actually miss them having grown up with the sounds of trains … The later date this year means the bathrooms and showers will be warm :o) … Everybody was taking cool showers the first year we were there because it was in the 90’s everyday and didn’t cool down until Sunday night when we got hit with thunderstorms. Meschke and I were the only ones there … We dumped the fire pit and cleaned out the fridge and locked the building on Monday morning … Mike

This year instead of escalating the mobile accommodations, I’ll be tenting by myself with the wife, daughter, and the new improved mini dachshund visiting Saturday. I will be for the whole weekend total immersion program. I never tire of this. Don’t even keep track of the hours going by. I work on my truck most weeknights and Saturdays right now with the Emerald Ash Borer ravished wood cranking 200,000 btu’s. I’m always looking for bug bodies before tossing them into my unpatented super smoke containing double barrel stove. Hey Henry - nice to see your name back.

Doug, It seems everybody bugs out on Sunday morning … The first year I was there I thought folks would stay much of the day so I booked my hotel room for that night as well. It’s about the only vacation I take … When we were at Mike’s in Akron, Jim Mason showed up on Sunday afternoon after many folks had left … We did a bit on Monday and then most hit the road … I know I drove straight home from Kansas but I can’t remember if it was Sunday or Monday … It was 600 miles or so … I got held up by a funeral procession in Kansas City for around 2 hours (They shut the interstate down) and then hit severe weather through eastern Iowa and Wisconsin … I’ve had my tent get blown down on me many times over the years but hopefully we won’t see any of that crap … I still haven’t got out there to repair the damage from last summer’s tornado that went through my place … Like Pa Kettle … One of these days … Mike L

Hey Mike, I recall that on the first ever woodgas meeting in North America (Akron, MI), you and Andy Scholfield were the only road vehicles on woodgas there…That made you a rock star, this stuff actually works! Terry Gryzb’s wood powered lawn mower was also there. I tried to absorb what I could and then you mentioned that you had a friend named Wayne Keith that drove a lot on this. This whole business was starting to seem like finding people who were abducted by aliens and then released, rare but out there. This is why I would drive to Kansas to find another woodgas guy (from Alabama) BBB 2015

Hello Doug,

The Kansas event was a small one, but a good one.

Met some great folks and developed lasting friendships.

That’s pretty funny Doug … We did have a get together up at Bruce Jackson’s the year before Akron. I drove most of that trip on wood. That was the trip where I found out that my truck was sucking fuel up from the gas tank with the fuel pump turned off. I wired a switch to the injectors when I got home. Andy was there (on his Harley) and Mike A was there. It was over 500 miles for them over the bridge and only 410 miles for me. I think there are some videos on Mike’s youtube page (kb8ooe) ?? there are maybe a few on Bruce’s youtube page (Budasdad) ??? We took a group picture as we figured it was the first woodgas gathering in the USA … Bruce cut a lot of wood on his H tractor with the flat belt driven buzz saw and tilt table. He ran it on one nozzle of the 4 for that meager task. He just put bolts in the holes on the other 3 … His wood was mostly maple and damp so it was a good thing I was running hybrid on the way home but I still had to re-load the hopper every 50 miles or so … ML

IF i can get the truck fixed up before argos, and get the bugs shook i will try and get there, still gota do motor swap or head gaskets, get wood chunker, get wood dryer shed,Pay my property tax,finish gasifier few weeks away.Will see how lucky i can get all done.Or may be next meeting,THANKS SWEM.

Mike, thanx for the vittles! ~ Sarah Leigh

Look at the tents in the background … Thanks for the pic … ML

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Topic summary, Argos will be May 29-31, and several folks said they’re coming. Andrew Heath offered to make buttons.