2014 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 16-18

This is the official thread of information about the 2014 Indiana woodgas meetup.

The 2017 thread is here.
The 2016 thread is here.
The 2015 thread is here.

We are going to meet in Argos, IN on May 16-18 at the Marshall County Fairgrounds.

Event page on Google+ is here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cut1oin67pl64ljbgrluabr7ap8

RSVP: If you’re coming we need to know, for insurance reasons and general planning; this is not technically a “public” event. But we’re all friends here, and you’re all invited. So, tell us if we can expect you!

Directions: The fairground is on Linhart Dr in Argos IN. Just put “Linhart Dr. Argos, IN 46501” into Google Maps or your GPS. Link here. Henry Austin put this helpful sheet together with more details.

Hotels: The nearest hotels are in Rochester and Plymouth. A few choices, but get your reservations early; Notre Dame graduations are the same weekend. According to Ron Lemler, the hotel rooms vary from $41 to $100+ per night.

Camping: On-site camping is free. Electric hookups are available, $15 a night. Again, see Henry’s sheet. There are train tracks close by, trains do run at night - just FYI. Last year the consensus was that staying on site definitely improved the experience, I’d encourage everyone who can to try it.

Food: Lunch and supper are provided, but we encourage everyone to bring some food to share. We have a wonderful group of ladies who have kept us well fed the last two events. Anything we can do to make their lives easier will be appreciated! A food thread is over here.

Who all will be coming with a woodgas vehicle? Also to save some space, post whatever else you might be bringing along to share, food, toys, tools exhibits… whatever.

I’ll start.

I’m coming with a 1992 Dakota, on wood. I’ll pack as many goodies as I can. Including some books and t-shirts / hats. German potato salad. May bring a sound system along. And of course musical instruments.

If you missed it, RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zn5dBpsK090mEHTlzQzc3pjGfG9nYX8bthNTRSMKAPs/viewform

Hi Richard, It will be good to see you and that truck again. Make sure you put those emergency brake cables on it this year. I’m not trying to put a hex on you but I have been caught with my pants around my knees a few times in that department. Anything I have here with a single cylinder master has working cables or doesn’t go on the highway. If you put a dual on it with the BB valve then forget this last transmission. It’s still friggin cold here (supposed to be minus 11 tonight) but my goal for this morning is to get the ice and snow away from my shed doors and get at my saws and cutting torch. We had another 2 inches overnight and 4 the other day on top of this photo …

Hey Chris ,

I tried to register above but looks like I really messed up !

Wayne, It appears to be in there but needs google to refresh things. I dug to my shed today and got my saw into the trailer and also dragged a tank in there. Hopefully get it cut up tomorrow. I plan to build a fire in it outside after that and burn the paint off. The one I built last time (on the trailer) had problems with the epoxy coating blistering up and blocking gas flow. It’s already zero here and headed down. brrrrrrrrrr. Literally frozen toes trying to heal up … M

It’s there alright, Google is just screwing up on the formatting. All better now.

For folks coming from the NW and west or other points west, Head for LaSalle (I 39 and I 80 int) and then east on 80 and get off at Morris and head to Kankakee and then east. You will be out of the rat race at Morris and avoid Chicago all together. There are a few nice picnic areas on the Kankakee River. It adds a few miles for some but that Chicago hassle is something to be avoided at all costs … I had some detours in Kankakee last year but the bumpy roads shook the hopper down. Mike

Had to lookm up the zip code for travel arraignments.
Still spouse negotiating. Looking hopeful for this year.
Regards to All
Steve Unruh

Great news Steve! Highly excited to have you along.

Looks like my Christmas may be moved up to mid May !! Thanks Steve !!

Hey ChrisKY and wowWayne,
Since my last post “negotiations” went well. Conditions. Conditions.
I’ll be there come hell, high water (here Now!) or the 2nd coming. Any Cascadia 9.0’s and I am staying home.

Been 2-3 years now since I have actually seen others practical woodgas using except for 4-5 locals. Two off-grid hard core simplists with lawn mower engines and car alternators. The other three Rural “with no scraps piles” and not so questionable means of self-incomes so’s “they"have to come to see me for brain pickin’ - never, ever, me going to see them. “I see ‘NothingK’!!” " I know ‘NothingK’!!”

Have to convince myself you’all are not Internet figments, and mind-voices but good, hot, buring and actually real woods smokin’.

Speak more later as things fall into place.
Washington State Steve Unruh

Steve, I offered to pick up Greg M in Chicago a couple of years ago on the way there but I don’t have the nerve or health to deal with that now. I drive south from here and then go east and bypass Chicago. I could probably pick you up in Madison, WI on Wednesday or Thursday or the such and I could drop you back on Monday or Tuesday. We have a crude spare room. It’s about 60 miles to the airport. I sleep late. I plan to sleep in the back of my truck but usually have a tent etc … It’s around a 6 hour drive from here. I usually burn up a few sacks each way but I use dino on the 4 lanes to stay out of trouble … I figure to leave Friday morning and be back Sunday night. There are other folks that are closer that may be able snatch you up or help you get there. Mike

Newby here, just learned about wood gasification. I would love to show up and meet you all. but have not even started a build yet. Not even sure what to power with it. One thing for sure is that wood gasification will part of the lifestyle round here. Would really like to talk some with you cold weather experts before I begin my build .I’m kinda thinking q-jet on a 500 ci Caddy in a 30’s daily driven rat rod work truck. .I think they would be the perfect complement to each other and future plans of my own in the alturnitve energy field and classic autos as well .It doesn’t hurt that I have a band mill and best friend has a salvage yard.

Thanks for thinking of me MikeL.
Airport considerations were Exactly the circumtances I tried explaining to my new travel “optimizer”, my wifie. We’ll see what she comes up with her high-speed down in at her training school. She has to improve on a two-three transfer hop into Indianapolis. South of your line of travel. Save me a camping spot next to 'ya, eh? Lots to talk about. I’ll have to be lite on any bring with show and tell flying in. Will be bringing some give-a-way stuff though. Drop ship to your place, maybe?

Hey JimL.
The woodgasing mistake I made for my for first 12 months was not reaching out to already up and engine running systems guys. My mistake - lost time, never can get back. Hearing, Smelling and Feeling loaded engines is what makes it REAL.
And once Real, then you’ll get it done useable for yourself.

Steve Unruh

Wife said I’ll be going alone again this year too. I made a day of going up there last year and hit a few junkyards along the way on Friday. If you don’t find anybody else I could pick you up.


Hello Steve.

I was going to pick you up and I can schedule to your plans.

Seems you’re one popular guy! Looks like you can fly in any way you like… you’re quite welcome company around these parts.

I stand by my original offer to pick you up Steve, but seeing there are lots of other interesting rides, you take your pick and let me know.

I’ll put another option out there for you. If you want to fly into Mpls and road trip the rest of the way, We have a spare room here for the night before we leave unless you show up in the morning we leave. I have plenty of food and coffee for the trip. Unfortunately I will have to drive to Argos on gasoline this year. I will be bringing the mini WK and a loaded engine.

Bill S