2012 Indiana Woodgas Meetup | Argos, IN | May 18-20

This is the official thread of information about the 2012 Indiana woodgas meetup.

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We are going to meet in Argos, IN on May 18-20 at the Marshall County Fairgrounds. Most of the active woodgassers (about 15 so far) in this part of the country have said they will be coming. If you have a wood-powered truck, or a small portable gasifier unit please bring it to show! Informal event, we’ll make it up as we go along. The public will be allowed in on Saturday, and we may even muster a little woodgas parade for the TV cameras.

Bring some food if you can, we’ll eat whatever shows up. There’s a little extra money for paper plates etc. Camping with hookups is available onsite for $15/night. Contact the fairground for details.

Ron Lemler is our contact in the area, he will be arranging the fairground rental, and providing some wood fuel for the hungry gasifiers. Here’s an aerial shot of the place:

Here’s the link to RSVP for the event:[link removed: this event is over!]

See who’s signed up already:[link removed: this event is over!]

Is there anyone from Canada (specifically Ontario) Planning on going down? I would love to pool resources if there is.

Here are a couple of pictures of the slab edgings to be chunked at the Indiana woodgas meeting. I hope the chunkers can handle the Indiana hardwoods!!!.
I posted a couple pics of the size of chunks that are available for the meeting, I have 15 boxes of these. Both of these are going into the dry kiln so they should be pretty dry. Ron L.

Thanks for the chunk pics Ron, I’ts good to know what will be available. My trials so far have been with 2" cubes. These might just work. It would be great if I only need wood for a one way trip.

Ron, when it gets closer maybe you could tell the local TV station and the newspaper that we’re gonna have around 20 woodgas vehicles there in May, and hopefully we can get a TV spot. They’re probably glad for an excuse to get out the news van. Maybe we’ll do a little parade down Main street? Would be some cool footage anyway. Just a thought.

I will try and get a poster made up and a display for the public, if we open it up on Saturday. Maybe even some flyers about woodgas. Be nice to have one of the units not heated up so they can touch it, and peek inside etc. But of course the main thing will be the trucks running around.

It’s still a ways off, but you gotta plan stuff ahead. It’s getting closer all the time.

Chris you are right May will be here before you know it!! My insurance company is still waiting in their underwriters to give the OK. I dont think insuring the buildings is the problem but inviting the public opens a whole new can of worms.Ill give them a call this week.
I like your ideas, next month Ill give a local TV station a call, I still have the reporters number that I talked to last summer. I think they like reporting on positive news over corruption and vice and tragedy.
I like the idea of an educational display, most people think woodgas is just burning smoke ,and something visual may help them understand the science behind it.better.
Keep on Burning Wood , Ron L

Any one from Mississippi Louisiana, or Alabama going? Any one want to ride together?

Little update on this topic, we won’t be inviting the public to the fairgrounds due to the high rate of insurance. That’s OK since it will mostly be a “woodgas reunion”. We still plan on a meet and greet in a parking lot somewhere, and possibly a parade/drive around.

So if you want in you’d better let me know. Nobody turned away, just tell me you’re coming so you’re not considered “public”.

How up to date is the list for attendees in Indiana. I can only see 13 people on what looks like the first page. Surely there must be more than that? I thought I signed up for it but my name doesn’t show.
Don M


Just updated it, 18 entries. Sorry, the spreadsheet is broken and I have to update manually. It’s only got the folks who RSVP’d. Many folks have stated they are going who are not on the list.

HI everyone I got half of the woodchunks started in the kiln today!! I hope ya’ll bring enough wood hungry vehicles to use this up!!

Wow Ron, we’ll be riding in style on that stuff. Thanks for fixing us some fuel!

My wife, Ronda, is wondering if any one else is bringing their wives to the woodgas meeting, she is hoping to have some company at the get together. Thanks, Ron L.

Hey Ron ,

It looks like I will be bringing mine. (I guess no trip is perfect)

Good !!! that will make her happy knowing that she will not be the only normal one there :slight_smile: .

It looks like my wife is coming also. I’m glad she will have company. She isn’t much into woodgas. She’s funny like that.

Just updated the spreadsheet. There’s 28 folks coming so far… Gonna be great!

Hey Chris, besides trucks set up on woodgas, what type of exhibits will be there?

Lou, some of the woodgassers are bringing small units that power generators, and I think Ron Lemler’s bringing his woodgas tractor. No “exhibits” really, it’s just a reunion of sorts, and a great way to meet most of the major woodgassers in the country together in one spot.