2015 Vulcan Gasifier M-1 Ute for Sale

I have a client that wishes to sell his 2015 Vulcan M-1 Ute.

This is a chip / chunk machine, 1x1 chips with 3/8 to 1/2 thickness or 1 to 1.5 inch chunked cubes. Moisture content should be 15% or less and you should never have a problem.

The user just does not have time for it and would like to sell. I can update the blower system to the Amteck if desired for extra cost we would some parts removed and sent to us for this conversion.

The client is asking $6500.00 and if this were produced today it would easily cost over $12,000.00. It is fully automated featuring grate and hopper agitators with our early developed air fuel mixer controller. We can also update this to the later more stable version.

Anyone interested contact me directly [email protected] and Ill get you connected with the client.