2016 Vulcan Gasifier Flex R-1 for Sale $4500

Here is a well kept 2016 Vulcan Gasifier. This has the automated Grate and Hopper agitator system with adjustable timer delays. Everything worked last time the user tested the unit. Message me here and Ill get you in touch direct with the seller.


Hi Matt Just Curious if this unit would run a 2.2 – 4 cyl, And or how long in between fill ups. Small car around 60 MPH.


Dont know never ran anything larger than the 670 cc gens with them. It would not have a very long run time. It would only run the 670 Predator for roughly 1 hour.


HI matt i havent looked too deep into your units, so i ask what overall size is the burn tube, and what is the biggest chunk size wood recomended, max size. THANKS.

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It could have the 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 throut. These are not your typical imbert. They had a double wall hearth with center conical hearth bowl made of 1/4 inch wall cast SS. AKA butt weld pipe reducers :slight_smile:

They had 10 x 12 reduction core with 5/16 tiers most models.

Ok i not sure you mean 10 x12" is that what we call burn tube, im getting burn tube , hearth, reduction tube confuze, Can you put a slidmatic of the three for reference.without giveing any priatary sizing or patiebts. Or would you say this is best suited for up 10HP. with the existing sizing.

He’s saying it’s 10" diameter 12" long

2" restriction.

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So you think he say 10 x 12" is the burn tube, i gess i am bird brain on what else they call the burn tube, are you saying the burn tube is allso called the reduction zone. sorry for all the questains. Im am still a little dizzy getting over my surgery med crap. Thanks for replys.


Reduction zone comes under the restriction.

Burn tube usually holds all that plus the nozzles, it’s where the oxygen is being added.

Nozzles, then the Restriction or what Wayne calls the Choke, and the Reduction which is where your leftover charcoal is reserved.


Thanks cody for clarifying, I was thinking from the nozels too just below the restrictor was the burn tube. or thats what size i was asking about. any thing below the restrictor i count as waist charco zone. Gess i better go study my builders bible gasifier book on the names of the areas menchened.I am not too up too date on my studys of imbert terinoligy.I would think any action below the nozels would be the reduction zone, since in A WK gasifier,the entire burn tube below the nozels,is all charco, no wood, though below the restictor is probley much hotter./ Time i go work on my chunker, mounting the twin apossing cylinder 20 hp range motor on it, We got about another 2 weeks of 85 to 92 f temps Things are fially starting too cool down like today after that, then it will soon be lucky top 80 F degrees.

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yeah listen to Cody he has it figure out. These units dont really have a fire tube. The reactor is considered the hearth and this is probably what would be considered a firetube. But this is an imbert gasifier.

The new machine Im building now has a fire tube. Its hearth and reduction are combined, no restriction. Just a big tar making straight tube :slight_smile:

OK thanks matt now i see why i was a bit confuzed, Is you new gasifier designs shooting for a four cylinder capable units. or what max size engine on your new gasifier units .

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Nope it is not designed to run engines. It will supply a gas storage system, this is why tar production is not an issue as it will drop it in the gasometer. That will then be used for compost.

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what the gas used for if not engines, Or is this just a clean burn heater/ ohh i dont understand what the gasometer is doing.

Could be used in a heater, hot water heater. refrigeration, cloth dryer any gas appliance.

OK thanks Matt i have a much better idea of your unit, sounds Quite usefull, now i see why you said it makes tar, before the gas gets sent through the gasometer. The gasometer must crack all the tars ?

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Nope, the gasometer settles and cools the gas. Tar is removed through condensing. It simply drops out of the gas like rain.

OK THANKS MATT- did you get this idea by experiments or reading,or both,? Sounds interesting, somthing like Waynes hopper cooling tubes,and or cooling rails, Though it would seem the unit itself would tar up with out heat, how ofton will it need detaring or not needed design.

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Nothing new here this is what the world ran on at one point in time this revolutionized the quality of life for many as heat for cooking could be easily regulated via gas valves. This is just a more personal level small scale system that will fill a massive hole in the off grid market for off grid gas replacement for LP and NG.

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If I had this developed now, I would sells thousands of them as there is an energy crisis overseas with Russia supplied NG.