2018 Utility Gasifier for Sale

I have a 2018 Utility Gasifier that is about 90% ish complete. This was originally for an Evolution Integrated Turnkey unit. But this client has decided to invest and we are now going to rebuild his unit to 2019 specifications. We need to build a unit so we can go through all the hoops to get it emissions tested, EPA cert, CE certs etc.

So we have equity into this gasifier plant and Ive pulled it off the Evolution chassis. I had a left over wheel kit from a 2017 Utility so Ive grafted that onto this one. I actually never built one Utility gasifier last year. If I did this is what it would have looked like.

Also this is the very last chip machine I will produce. So if you been on the fence of getting one of my chip machines this is your last chance. I will never produce another chip machine again after this build.

It will come with the gasifier manager, and auto fuel mixer controller with engine kit.

Asking price is $8500.00 for this guy. This thing is a beast!!

I will try and get better pics later. The shop was full of smoke from welding all day when I took these.


I still have this gasifier for sale. Its $8500.00 fully loaded or $7000.00 gasifier only without automation and accessory kit.

The automation included the automated grate and hopper agitation system and automatic AFR fuel mixture controller. The accessory package include an engine adapter for typical 13 hp single cylinder engines, dual canister final filter / mixer, and hose attachment with quick connects.

I will finish up the lids and build the blower housing for it tomorrow to complete with out automation and accessory package.

This will be the last chip machine I produce and is the only machine on current market to this caliber with available automated systems. After this is gone, there may not ever be another chance to get a high end machine like this that runs chip fuels.

Ill get it outside tomorrow and see if I can get better pics. The heater in the shop I think is creating some smoke fogging the air in the shop.

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Well I dont know if they are any better, camera seems of developed a fog in the lens.


The machine has sold! :fire: