3 CARFAX Reports for $7 each - Time is Running Out!

I bought 5 CARFAX vehicle history reports when I just needed one. If
anybody can’t justlfy $40 for a single CARFAX vehicle history report, I
am offering four at $7 each. Send me $7 via PAYPAL with a VIN number
for your prospective or already owned vehicle, and I will email you a
copy of the report. This offer is open until the end of Feburary 2016.
For those who can meet in South San Jose, we can do the transaction in

Hi, I’d like to buy one of your Carfax reports. What’s your paypal email address?

Paypal email is [email protected] . After sending the money, PM me with the VIN and I’ll send the link to the report within 24 hours through your chosen communication method.