$300 Pipe Gasifier

Dry fit of a project I’m working on…

-with water drip valve for H2
-reload char while running / no shutdown
-aluminum foil and scrubber pads for heat exchange
-shop vac powered starting eductor

more coming…


I honestly have no idea what you are doing. Not that thats so surprising.
Is the vacuum cleaner for startup?

Yeah, the vacuum cleaner runs through an improvised eductor—inspired by Stephen Abbadessa’s design—That blue 2" PVC valve just kills the suction once you have flame…

I’ll follow up with a few videos and an in depth walkthrough…

I’m doing this for an online class, and I thought if there was a way to safely do gasifiaction with just pipes—again, stolen from Abbadessa, but more like Koen’s original upright unit—would be pretty killer…

Everyone has a vacuum, right? :slight_smile:


Quick video walk-through…


I was just thinking the other day if there was a way to make charcoal gasifier out of light weight materials like pvc pipe and other materials and insulate it well. You are off to a good start. I am not sure how you are not melting it down but it is very interesting. It is amazing what we can get off the shelf to build with. If you find at a scrap yard it is even better.