304 stainless pressure vessels for reactor container

Hi there im new hear.
this is my first time at makeing a gassifier
A load of these 350mm (13 3/4") diameter 700mm ( 27 1/2") deep 304 stainless pressure vessels came in to my local scrap yard the outher day and i was wondering if thay would be good to make a reactor container with the removable lid. I realize I will need to replace the seal and remove all the remaining un cured resin befor i start welding. My plan was to make all the external parts in stainless and the internals from something more heat resistant.
I gess my main concern is is heat going to be an isue with the stainless or will the body of the reactor not get that hot.


That looks like a real treasure for a gasifier-builder :smiley:
Sounds like a good idea to use as external parts, use normal steel for the heat exposed internals is a good start. I use all stainless internals but it needs a lot of “calculations” special construction, using ash for insulation, and take into acount the heat expansion that warps the stainless and cracks the welds.
If you use that lid for hopper filling you should modify it so i becomes spring-loaded, as a pressure relief, you must have in mind there are occasionally “puffs” small explosions inside the hopper.
The other way, you can cut the top-part, and re-weld it to the side, of the bottom part, to get a extremely sturdy ash clean-out door.
And, ofcourse, welcome to forum :smiley:


Looks like what I was looking for a closed retort, a vacuum chamber, and few other things. Nice find! You will probably want to change the latches to something with springs for your use.


Sorry iv not replyed been stuck in a hotel room working away and i cant seam to log on to the forum with my phone.
Thanks for your replys
Ill have a look at modifing the top to take some springs and i like the idea of useing it as an ash clean-out door so i might pop back and grab another.
thay also come with a pnumatic driven sturing paddle im wondering if that would come in handy to avoid bridging.
If anyone is intrested they are in a scrap yard in buckley north wales UK
thay have been there for a bit now and its got to the point where the guy wants them gone but knows there to good to scrap.