427 tall deck truck engine - SOLD

427 GM truck engine.

This engine is an industrial version of the more commonly known 427 car engine. The block is .400 tall & incorporates 4 ring pistons, steel crank & 4 bolt main block. Was designed to run under heavy loads at rpms up to 3500. Excellent choice for a stationary WG generator.
Comes with factory stainless steel truck headers & factory front mount. $850.00

Contact Peter C.

Hi Peter
Is that $850 new or from a wrecking yard?
Thanks patrick

Hi Patrick,

Sorry, this engine sold today. Can’t snooze on killer deals !!

This engine was a new GM Goodwrench engine that I installed in a customer vehicle many years ago. The truck met an unfortunate end @ 60,000 mi. Has been in storage ever since.

This engine intake to pan - new, if you could find one, would be north of $5000.00
The stainless factory truck headers are worth the asking price of the engine. Anyone still running or restoring a GM Topkick search out these headers as they were an option from GM.


Thanks Peter