7 Charcoal Gasifiers with a castable refractory hearth by George Adams

George has put together a crew of 6 people to build on lot of seven charcoal gasifiers using some design modifications from the Gilmore style.
The build is about 95% complete. We work at a high school “Technology Lab” about 2 1/2 hours at night, once a week and then do some homework in between. Pretty cool, since we can use the welding equipment there including the CNC plasma cutter for flanges, cyclone inlet tubes and other stuff.

This is George’s second design using his hearth idea. Let’s call the first one “prototype 1”, which some of you may have already seen in action fueling his Case/Onan garden tractor.
Here’s a short video of the second test of PRODUCTION lot S/N 1,this one fueling an Onan 4.0CCK generator set :

Pete Stanaitis


I like that castable hearth. That makes things very simple. what is the grate above it? Looks like cast iron or something. Very cool!

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Thanks for the video Mr. Pete

Enjoyed it !

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Now that time has passed… How is the refractory holding up? Durability was a concern from the heating and cooling cycles.

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