94 chevy 5.7 2500 4x4 short box

What a great site,Love this idea, BBB This is the platform I have to start with,Any thoughts good or bad? Thanks Mark

Hi Mark,
Should be fine. I run a 93 4wd with the 4.3 but the issues are the same. I used 2" by 3" steel gutter downspout pipe to get up the passenger side of the engine. Greg Manning did a 94 also with the 5.7 but we never saw any pictures of it. He had a business partner and the truck went with the partnership. I guess I should send him an e-mail and see if he is still kickin. As you have probably noticed, Chevy’s hold up up better than the small Dodge’s up here in the salt belt. It will be easy to rig a timing control to that 94 and there is a pigtail for the fuel pump that is easy to get at and the injectors disconnect with a single wire and the computer does not notice either …
Mike L

Thanks,Joined today waiting for email to tell me how to access that side.Can’t wait to get started!

Mike: Could you please elaborate on the timing advancing and such? I have a 95 1500 with the 5.7L www.driveonwood.com/forum/519 that probably directly applies to what you are mentioning here. Thanks.

Here are pictures of my timing stuff on the 93 …
Hope they help … Was very simple … The distributor bolt is just loose enough for the thing to move. Wayne uses a brake spring on his and uses a bolt that bottoms out so nothing can come loose. I turn mine all the time and if that bolt got loose I would know in seconds …
http://www.intergate.com/~mlarosa/images/woodgas/?M=D is my whole site of pictures and this stuff was around march of 2008 …

Hey Mike, I spend alot of time in the U.P. what part of wisc. you from?