94 Ford 300 Straight 6 EFI

So I plan to build a unit to power this motor this spring or summer. And my question is I guess what sensors need unplugged and can a MSD ign. do my timing and being a duel air intake how would i make sure both would be equal fuel air mix?

Next is how big of a unit and what type would be best to use?

Its a 94 E150 van so I got room and the engine is right there easy to work on from inside!

Next is how do make a carb. plate work inside the van is it just a butterfly?

What gauges should I have like a tech, temp, vac, air mix etc?

First thing you need to do is join the site as a premium member, everything you need to know is on that side of this site. I have built a gassifier from Wayne’s follow along videos. Pretty easy and there is alot more info.