96 Dodge Ram 2500 Extended Cab V10 OK?

I have a chance to buy a 96 V10 at a good price. I know Wayne built a 95 V10, but I have had others tell me that you don’t want to go beyond a certain year model. Is a 96 V10 still OK? What is the latest model that could still be essentially a copy of Wayne’s truck?

Hello Kyle,

I know the computers on the 95 V-10 ram works good on wood gas.

I have no personal experience with the 96 and newer but I understand that on the dodge vehicles up to 2003 will work OK.

I would like to yield to Steve Unruh and Sean French. They are in the know in the computer field.

If you had a chose what engine would you choose a 460 or the v-10

Hello Loyd ,

I would have to go with the V-10.

Why is it easier to get it to run or is it the power?

Hello Loyd,

One reason I like the V-10, it has no distributor.

Hello Kyle,
That 96 dodge will do just fine it’s still an obd1 system I would say go for it. There aren’t many of those trucks here in Florida I look for them all the time.
I know Wayne likes his a lot. BBB Sean

Hi KyleT.
If you live and want to license this in an area that has mandatory emissions inspections stick with a 1995 and earlier vehicle. Many of the 1996 and later vehicles will do fine on woodgas but keeping the “tattle tail” self diagnosing computer clear of tampered with factory installed emissions systems codes will prove extremely difficult. It then had 9999 possibilities versus the previous 23 to 44 reasons to turn on the check engine light of the earlier systems. No Clear internal computer memory codes - No Licence.
Woodgasing one of these later ones in a non-manditory inspected area then you would live like I do with my 1999 with a constant check engine light on and occasionally code scan it for anything that might be important.

Under the hood in the engine compartment is a whitish plastic factory emmisions systems installed label (VECI). This will say “OBDII” for the tattle tail systems.

If you are in a non inspected area GO FOR IT. We will help you sort out any problems.

Steve Unruh

Steve and Sean,

Thanks, You boys are good!

Thanks for the info guys. I am in rural TN, so emissions testing shouldn’t be an issue.


I am pretty new to woodgas.

If I buy this truck and become a premium member, am I going to be able to find the info in here to basically duplicate your V10, or will I need to wait for the book?


Hello Kyle,

Yes there is enough information on the premium site to keep the average builder busy for two or three weeks already. We are adding information and videos daily but we have a long way to go. Once we have the videos complete it should be like you looking over my shoulder for two months building, installing and driving the gasifier.
The videos are of the 318 dakota that I have just finished and will be driving to Argos Indiana next week.
The Dakota gasifier and the V-10 are the same design with larger dimensions in a few places.
The plumbing under the truck and under the hoods will be a little different but we should have it well documented

Well. Hope I can figure this stuff out, because I bought the truck this afternoon. Here’s a pic. Sorry, I’m not much of a photographer.

PS: Now, I’m thinking maybe I should come to Indiana. Any of you guys passing through Tennessee and looking for someone to share gas money [or wood money, as the case may be?].

Congratulations Kyle!!! I’m also building a '97 V-10.

Thanks Chris. And congratulations on your rig as well.

Hi guys nice to hear you are starting the builds, Have you started building the cooling rack and if so can you tell me what the cut sizes are in between the posts? and the size of the post too?