A good MIG Welder

Just wanted to say that I purchased a Eastwood MIG 135 for around 320 bucks off of ebay (came with a gas hose, regulator, auto tint mask, 1lb .023 wire, consumables, ect. I then bought my own 125c/ft C25 tank for around 265 bucks. I have used a good bit of high end machines while working in the industry and I can tell you that this little Eastwood is a VERY fine welder. It also is backed with a strong warranty. Just wanted to throw this option out there. It is a 120v machine and I am yet to hit the duty cycle while welding cooling fins.

I am in no way making money or employed by Eastwood!


Good job Joseph, another piece of the puzzle just fell into place.


Thanks for the update. I’ve been ready to order a MIG welder and plasma cutter packaged deal from Eastwood for quite some time. The Eastwood name is strong. I can’t see them selling junk. Your experience confirms that idea.

Yup we bought one that is about 2 1/2 years old that just stopped working. Just a loose wire inside, but figured I got more than my moneys worth out of it. We have used this machine in production all and every day since we bought it, minus a few Sundays. So it can take the abuse. We now own two others but they each have different name brands. However, they are the exact same machine and we use parts of the other one in for repairs.

This machine is far worth the money and will hold its own against higher end Millers and Lincolns. I actually prefer the cheap machines over our big miller, it just lays a better bead.