A "new" green technology that sounds just like a gasifier

I came across this video (French with tiny English subtitles) about this amazing “new” technology that produces electricity, bio-char, “bio-gas”, and “bio-oils” from standard trash.

Is it just a gasifier designed to handle trash/food scraps that is hooked up to a generator?

Howdy Brian,
Sounds like Thermaldepolymerization, say that three times fast :slight_smile:
(TDP for short)
Google it, every landfill should be doing it.

From the name “Pyrowave”, it might be microwave gasification, aka plasma gasification. Basically superheating the materials via plasma beam, instantly gasifying carbon-based waste and melting everything else into slag.

I’ve looked at several things regarding Plasma Gasification and I can’t find any numbers on how effecient they are. I mean they all mention needing a very high voltage current to maintain the arc. Has anybody seen any numbers for the energy return-on-investment?

Frankly, if the solid slag is inert, and therefor non-toxic (and much smaller volume than before), I’d be happy with this technology at breaking even or at a slight loss for energy out compared to energy in.

Hi all, I thought this might be of interest . It might work well in a simple fire gasifier anyway.