A post thermocouples What place?

I want to know my temperature reactor “coal” for the controler.
Where to place the thermocouple without risking the burn?
If I is housed near the thermocouple “more or less” the nozzel.
Are there a trick to interpret the temperature?

On the gasifier itself, I have placed one 1" above the grate. That is a very harsh environment (2000±F) They don’t last long. The next best place is the 8" cross over pipe. (500-1200F) Easy to access, fast response time, and a good indicator of what is going on in the reduction zone. A good drop box heat exchanger will drop 300-400 deg F so you can also monitor gas temp into the cooling rails as Wayne does. Nozzle temps don’t give much useful information about the gasifier operation in the oxidation -reduction zones.

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Carl thank you
My gasifier is coal.
The best place for thermocouples it the same?

Mr T.T.'s gasifier is a charcoal gasifier.
Maybe AdminChris could add this to his topic title so he could get charcoal systems users advice.
Steve Unruh

Thank you very generous day from you Richard
Excellent proposal steve

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Use type K thermocouple. 1mV = 25 degrees C

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Ok John.
You do not calibrate your thermocouple in degrees?
You simply measure the voltage change?


Place thermocouple wherever you wish to know the temperature.
No problem.

Yes. I use several thermocouples in my system. I read them all with a multimeter. (Switching from one to another with a rotary switch) I really don’t bother to calculate the temperature but I know the formula, one millivolt equals 25°C. So when I am running I simply think in terms of millivolts. It’s quite simple.


Regarding burning up the thermocouple, the thermocouple on my grate is protected inside a small stainless steel tube. No problem. I have not tried a thermocouple near a nozzle, But if I did I would insert it into a stainless or perhaps a ceramic tube and then see what happens.

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Hi John

Thank you for your valuable advise.
J 'love the idea of the thermocouple in a pipe