A small woodgas parade


Thanks for the video Max . Seems you have many American trucks there?

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Personal cars, and pickups below 3500 kg = 7716.17 lb were (til quite recently) bound by enviromental idle emission laws until 1july 1987 affecting exhaust emissions if you wanted to retain the right to use gasoline as an auxilliary fuel = not main fuel. Annual emission test on gasoline only.
No testing on woodgas.

After july1 1987 no woodgas modifications allowed if the vehicle was labeled “low emission”. “Not low emission” cars could be registered for woodgas by installing a catalysator until 1991.

Cars and pickups registered before july1 1987 were free of vehicular annual taxation when modified for expressly woodgas use (gasoline as reserve fuel).

Gasoline driven trucks above 3500kg have not had emission testing on gasoline; they have not been classified as “low emission”, so woodgas has been freely adoptable, and freedom of vehicular taxation until the early nineties.

Pickups have always been the most conveinient solution, technically…


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For clarity: The registration date means first registration ever of the vehicle. The first registration is also a type and “class” registration, which remains throughout the whole lifetime of the vehicle.

So one can, say 10 years after the first registration do any modification according to the laws at the first registration date!

Later changes in laws do not affect what can be modified later on, every change is ruled by the laws of the first registration day.

Every new “system” change has to be re-registered, but are “assessed” with the laws of the original first registration date.


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Which one was yours Max?? I did see a Volvo or something in the sedan line. TomC

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