A web site with lots of information on gasification

I found accidentaly this web site and thought to share it with you


It has a lot of information and a great collection of free books to download.


Flash001USA is a well known youtube presenter.

Nice blog site he has set up.
He does link credit to the DOW here.

Originally Chris Seanz was going to just blog site similar about his own personal woodgasing.
Many of us encouraged him to do the broader based DOW instead.
He had the tech knowledge, and youthful energy, and enthusiasm to pull this off.
And now a book writer, publisher he will go down in history.



Hello Steve,

This guy is amazing.Belowe is an abstract:

The FEMA gasifier cons:

Due to it’s lower temperature range it is a heavy tar producer. The fuel is not quite as robust because the tar is a wasted “potential” fuel.
Being an open top air fed design, the fire from the reaction zone can climb straight up through the fuel and waste it and it can cause the gasifier to run very hot and inefficent. The filtering must be good enough to capture the tar to protect the engine from being gummed up. The tars must be disposed of and they emit foul odors. If the tars get on your hands or your clothes or tools you cannot use soap and water to wash it off. Your spouse will KILL you when some of it gets on the furnature from your clothes. You have to use harsh solvents such as gasoline to clean it off and when you stink your house up with the smell of tar and gasoline your spouse will make you give up your gasifier project and dreams or else they will KILL you and bury you in the back yard with it and tell your family that you left the country


you can use oil motor oil gas or even varsol to clean of tar the varsol will dry and leave no fowl odors