About Freeze Dryers

At school we had tap water ejector pumps for our vacuum filtrstion devices. They got to a decent vacuum with that ~ 2atm of water pressure. I wonder, could say a power washer be used in a similar way?


And what is the volumetric flow rate of this same water at 2 atm for these ejectronic vacuum pumps to pump out 1 cubic meters of water vapor at the vacuum we are interested in?

This will allow you to calculate the required power when using them.

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Hi All,
As “Phil at 4800” said at one point in this video Harvest Right needed to be aware of newer competitive systems.
Here is one that showed up on an enthusuests influencers feed. The Cube.
I’ll instead put up the manufactures site link for non-spiel pricing. Still $5,000 USD. Pricing packages under the SHOP tab.

To get the influencers discount add /ref/providentprepper tail to the site link. And you can find that video on The Provident Peppers YouTube channel. May be other tried-it videos out there.


Hey Steve I don’t know if you seen this video by Phil, but it was one of the reasons I went for the harvest right, also I watched a video where that prep 4 life guy had to take his food out and defrost because the ice built up into the trays cause there was not much space from tray rack to the square freeze tube.


Very interesting video DeanL.

ALL, you really need to read through the comments expanding out on this one.
Especially those of you thinking about DIYing with layabout parts and peices.
Just like woodgasing knowing the processes step you have to satisfy seems to be 75% of effective vacuum freeze-drying of foods. What you say? This video and esppially the comments and answers say all of the foods moistures get drawn out and frozen as ice on the insides of the vacuum chambers walls. Then it is electric heater quick melted and drained/removed before the food trays are removed. I did not know. Now I do.

And in the comments surfaces three other brands of available vacuum freeze dryers. Here’s one also compared:

I am still watching. Then I need to read fully the comments and answers section.
A made in Oregon machine I think.
Steve Unruh


Steve I don’t know if you’ve seen this guy’s videos but he’s been doing this awhile, he has an old 2017 harvest right, he’s very particular and weighs everything many times, more dedicated than me.


With our Harvest Right, when the drying is complete, we take out the food trays, then start a defrost cycle, typically two hours. If you don’t need to run another load right away, you can save some energy and let the chamber come up to ambient temperature and defrost without using the heater(s).


Dean and Kent your usages feedbacks are very important.
I did watch also a few of SchoolReports guys videos. His; “my sisters 2022 GH experiences” was an eye opener and gave sense to a lot of the negative comments I’ve been reading.
Most vacuum freeze dryers buyers have Modern Appliance expectations.

When I first got into woodgasification back in ~2007 I fell into a site where the group-think was to “modernize” woodgas with micro-controllers. Eventually making up their own many channels-In and Output drivers Out printed circuit boards controllers.
Their mission statement was, “To make woodgasification no more complicated than any other modern home appliance.” “Just load and push a start switch.”
They thought to do this with a combination of many sensors feedback pre-programed micro-logic controller.
Well . . . first you do have to learn all of the needed process steps.
Then LEARN the going to be needed I-used-it, now cleaning restoring maintenances steps are needed.
Most modern culture folks figure the first should have been done by the designer/manufacturer.
And sadly for too many moderns that second you-used-it; now need to maintenance restore it for the next-time use-need is a Big; “Huh? Why do I have to do that?”
Here is a sampling of a few of our own household “modern” appliances:

The microwave is actually older now; fully microporsseor controlled. Still . . . just like the original twist dial timer types you do need to clean out the foods splatter - Manually. It’s and most all others best improvnet feature was the cooking evening out motorized turning table.
The widely varying functions wafer switch soft touch control-panels and controls logics actually a big pain in the ass switching from machine to machine. No standardization in control functions.
Then the new two years ago Steve-installed “smart” dishwasher. Selected bought was having the highest pump&seals durability. Also a pain in the ass for its unique specific microcporssor controllers logic insistences. It’s Wifi stays un-enabled!
And still this latest just like all previous you’d best be cleaning out the food debris screen catcher or you will starve the pump for flow and wear/burn out it impeller! Been there. Done that. Learned at $500. premature replacement.

That Mr Coffee drip brewer is the best I’ve ever used. This is number three I’ve purchased aquired. The true SS vacuum thermal pot does not need any power after filling with hot fresh made brew. Does not hours being warmed, scorch the coffee. Truely just one lighted switch to use. The microprocessor with sensors controller annoys me gently with it reminders and warning beeping’s. It cannot sense if half asleep you do not get the side filter basket fully seated - making an over flowing mess. It Does know if you remove the thermal carafe and beeping insist you put it back. It will even throughout the day say you-still-have coffee here. But a still sleepy not fully seating the rinsed carafe back into station it does not know - making an overflowing mess.
Sensors and microprocessors cannot fix all operator errors and responsibilities.
The very modern ice and filter chilled water in the door foods refrigerator was not our choice; and would never have been our choice. Gifted to us from my older sister moving; then with smaller space hole, needing a smaller refrigerator.
This gifted unit is very, very smart. The minute it fails us will be junked out and replaced by one of the older, analog, bigger insides downstairs refrigerators. Ha! And every refrigerator needs periodic fully cleaning out and sanitizing. Can’t automate that!
All of the vacuum freeze dryers when used needs this too by the experienced users videos.

Then the mostly electro-mechanical flip-switch; and twist knobs timer appliance machines.
Individuals selected for durability NOT features. And only those durable and work/functioning year after year kept in usage.
Each and every one needs before each use point cleaning/serviceing. Or post each use - cleaning maintenances.
Ha! Only the ice cream maker gets volunteers. After the internals rubber spatula tool harvesting.

So far it is the Golden Harvest; even with assembly problems; sometimes poor choice in parts section on manufacturing; that seems to have the upgrade possibilities and DIY repairability. With the largest, harvest-NOW capacity cycling capability.
My kind of appliance.
I am not a spoiled, demanding perfect each and every time; demanding the latest and greatest Unproven, Modern.
Betcha’ a Golden harvest could be retro fitted to flip switches, and twist timers controls by a cleaver fellow.

Steve Unruh


I heartily agree with simple and durable. I don’t see the need for a networked appliance in most cases. Alas, I’m adjusting to a newer vehicle that thinks it knows better than I do how to drive. Alas, sometimes it may :confused:

That said, freeze driers do benefit from some automation. The early versions of the Harvest Right driers, if I understand correctly, had two main modes, drying and final dry. You could set the time for each one, and check the results. They gave you suggestions for different foods. In drying mode, the controller would freeze the food, pump down the chamber, then heat the product trays until the vacuum pump couldn’t keep up with the water vapor. At about half a millimeter of mercury, it would turn off the heater and let the product cool, and pressure drop. When the pressure dropped by about two-thirds (or possibly when the temperature dropped to about the minimum for the refrigeration system, I’m not sure), it would turn the heater back on, and repeat the process until the set time was over. Then it would switch to final dry, heating the trays and pumping until that set time was finished.

The newer models, including ours, stay in drying mode until the pressure fails to reach a pressure set-point, then switches to final dry on it’s own. Less wasted time in drying mode, and more consistent results. When the pressure drops to another set-point with the heater still on (final dry), then it assumes the product is dry. It seems to work well for a variety of foods without user setting.

My description is based on watching the machine work, not an understanding of the programming, so I could be mistaken. However it works, I like the way they’ve improved the drier. My wife likes it, too, and that’s important.


My Harvest right is 3-4 years old med. size. I have not up dated the soft ware, I a little hesitant because it works well, but will it work better with updates? Anyone have pros or cons on the updates?

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Hey Al F. maybe this video can answer the worthiness of doing the H.R. software upgrade:

Like others have said; I am watching many videos on vacuum freeze-dryers before I would make the $,$$$ plunge. Go manual systems cheap on the firewood hauling tracked toter machine; and I think I can see clear to purchase both it, and a freeze-dryer by years end. My birthday for the one. Christmas present to the Wife for the other.
Watching the various recommended channels is helping to understand the actual food preserving process steps.
Huh. Heating the food trays in cycles was an eye-opener for me. I’d thought it was just freezing and vacuuming down over time.

Still, mechanic me, wanted to know just what is inside the big $,$$$ box . . .
This video shows it all for parts and components:

Well, well, well. Moving the last two years I’ve had to bone-out scrap a couple of microwave ovens; a couple of three refrigerators-freezers; and a couple of old desk-top computers magic boxes.
Hey! I’ve seen much of these types of components.
And growing up working on milking cow dairies, seen and used these types of SS clamping fittings. Automotive AC servicing worked a lot with this size of vacuuming down pumps.

Starting to make sense of it.


I like the looks of the StayFresh internals!


I see that the Mennonite store near here is advertising that they will run their freeze dryer a Harvest Right for $.60 an hour of freeze-drying time. You can provide your own produce or buy off them.