About Memberships and preordering

I was asked this recently and I should clarify for everyone. If you preorder Wayne’s book or buy a membership in the preorder period, we won’t start counting the time period until the book is ready. It’s only fair. So that means, the sooner you order, the more bonus time you get! We’ll even extend Lifetime memberships if you want… not sure how that would work. Ha!

For those who haven’t signed up yet, I will say this - You want to see this gasifier. See inside it, see what makes it different. Once you’ve seen what’s happening inside Wayne’s unit, you will understand how it achieves high efficiency, retains heat, makes no tar even at low flow rates, starts up quickly and takes the truck well above the legal speed limit. It’s a different critter than the Imbert or the FEMA, but incorporates elements of both, and unique bits of it’s own. Mostly plain steel construction, no space age materials or magic involved - heck, it’s not even insulated! If that doesn’t get your attention, then I don’t know what will.

He’s working on a video series detailing the construction of the truck. It’s progressing at about the rate Wayne is - he’s building a truck and documenting every step! I will post a preview soon, with some of the detail shots Wayne is getting. He is putting almost twice the hours into this build because of all the camera work.

It’s a lot of work getting this off the ground and we appreciate all your support. Stay tuned, we have good stuff coming!


how do i pre order?

Hi Darren,
You can see more details on the store page.
Unfortunately there’s no way to check out just yet. We can do business manually, either through Paypal or a check in the mail. Please contact me for instructions. Thanks!

the check’s in the mail.
so any chance of getting some peek at a kind of overall conceptual schematic prior to the plan/book coming out?

Robin, check out the cross section on this page in the Premium section.


I take it that the shopping cart is not fully implemented. How long does snail mail and a personal check take?
Who is the check made out to? I want the book. ($50.00)



Hi Tony,

Email sent. Postal mail takes 3-4 days, depending on location.

I’m sure it will be worth the wait
I joined as a lifetime member because i thought it would be an economical way to gain exp since i am really busy for now and have limited time to do beta testing of my own.
And I can tell you it’s well worth the $200.00 as anyone who has tried to build anything from the ground up can tell you it’s damm time consuming
Thanks for all the help so far Probably the best $200 I ever spent
I do hope to meet Wayne and all you guys someday when I slow down a little
But for now thanks again


Recieved your email. Mail from my location takes 3 to 4 days to
get anywhere. Ck will be in the mail this morning. BTW, you have
done a wonderful job using DRUPAL.

All the Best,



Good morning,
Per your advice, ordering Wayne’s book seems to be the best way to start.
Please email instructions on paying with my first choice PayPal or second choice being the “Check is in the mail”.
Awaiting your response.

Hi Stephen, email sent.

Morning Chris,
I ordered the book and the 6 month membership about a week ago and am wondering when the premium membership starts for me.
I paid with a debit card and it shows that the money was took out, so we know that end of it works. I must have done something wrong somewhere on here.
I’ve sent you messages and either I don’t have that privilege yet or you are a busy man, either way doesn’t matter. I’m just eager to see what all the fuss is about in the premium section. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Have a great day man.

Hi Allan,

Sorry for the delay. Things have been crazy here.

Your account is activated, book going out shortly. You’ll get an email with more details.

Thanks you Sir.
Have a great day.

Hello Chris,
Sorry so late, just got the book and already read it thoroughly. I’ve tried all day yesterday and today to log into my premium account but it says my account is inactive. Won’t let me log in. Tried to send a reset to my email ([email protected]) but says it’s invalid.
Looking forward to some good build videos. Just got my welder running So I’m really impatient :smiley:

Hello Kyle .

Maybe this link will help.

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I let out a hollar of Excitement after it finally worked Wayne! Now time to binge on some vids! Thanks!

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Good morning Kevin.

Before you start building you may want to read through a couple of threads with some updates that has to do with the direction of air flow around the fire tub. Also some update on hopper cooling and condensation .



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I’m having the same exact thing happen.maybe it’s just me.dont want to be a bother but real excited.